Dear Conservative David Hogg, Don’t quit!

16-year-old Conservative David Hogg from Charlotte, NC. (not Parkland’s David Hogg) is leaving social media due to the abuse and bullying he and his family have been receiving.

Everday since Parkland’s David Hogg has been stirring up hate towards Republicans, the NRA, Conservatives or anyone who supports gun rights, Conservative David Hogg has been mistaken for the controversial figure on the left.

From hateful messages to him and his family, photoshopped pictures, to Davids little brother being stopped in the street, the confusion has put him through a tirade of unnecessary abuse from the left and right. This has all lead up to Hogg, 16, now making the decision to leave social media and focus on what’s important to him.

Some of the messages 16-year-old David has received were due to people confusing him for Parklands David Hogg, just like this lady here:

While some were not.

16-year-old David Hogg is a Christian Conservative, anti-bullying and Pro2A, so you don’t need me to tell you the sort of abuse he receives from anti-gun people on the left.

David is a hard worker, he has been working small jobs since he was 11-years-old. from lawn mowing, dog walking, poop scooping, and working as a cashier on weekends at his local food store.

On top of all that, David has big plans on getting his degree (unless he transfers) through UNC Charlotte, where he is currently attending. David’s GPA is 4.39.

Despite all the awful unnecessary abuse 16-year-old David has been receiving, he has a lot of support, which prompted many to request that he set up a GoFundMe account so everyone can help him with his college education. thankfully he and his family did just that.


David has proven throughout his life that he is worthy of all the kind support he receives, as per his GoFundMe story:

David has been a volunteer for years – helping out at a few of our local churches, a retirement home, etc. Many of you don’t know David, but he is an amazing teen. He is wicked smart (has more awards than I can keep up with), dependable, honest (won the mayor’s award for returning money he found at school), caring and would help anyone in need (has helped w/many adoption fundraisers, as well.) He is a HUGE pet lover! David has MANY references from adults about his character and what a hard worker he is. He was a Carson Scholar Nominee, but unfortunately didn’t win.

David has never missed a day of school, his entire life – perfect attendance. He is very reliable!

David was bullied some in middle school. So, the recent harassment he has been receiving, because he shares the same name as the other David, hasn’t been easy. However, David always rises above it. I am proud of him for standing up for his values and taking his name back. David was born prematurely, but he has certainly fought back in this life and is making a difference.

Check out the interview David did with Glenn Beck:

And also the fantastic article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal:

Now here’s the part where I throw in my two cents worth.

Dear Conservative David Hogg, Don’t quit!

David, I know it is tough receiving all this abuse, and you and your family do not deserve it one bit. But I urge you not to give up your social media status because of the hateful people out there.

Don’t let the hateful people win, don’t let them distract you from your beliefs, your mission and your message that inspires many supporters each and every day. believe me, you do have a lot of support, just for a minute take a look at all this:

That’s just few David, there are so many out there that have your back, that supports you, respect you and that want to hear your message. You are setting a fine example for young people out there.

But, no matter what decision you decide to make, everyone will support you, but, I once again urge you to stay on Twitter and continue spreading your message against bullying. And be pro 2A, be a proud Christian. because no matter what, there is a lot of people that support you and have your back.

I’m one of those people.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision and yours alone. You decide what is right for you and we will back you 100%.

By Steve Milne

(Side note: all ad revenue made from this article will be donated to David’s college fund)


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