Mueller's Russia investigation to face an 'embarrassing dismissal'

Mueller’s Russia investigation to face an ’embarrassing dismissal’

Mueller’s Russia investigation to face an ’embarrassing dismissal’  – A new report released on Friday, suggests Robert Mueller’s indictment in February against three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens for interfering with the 2016 U.S. elections, could face an ’embarrassing dismissal.’

Robert Mueller’s 37-page-indictment claims the Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens used social media platforms as well as other means to sow discord and spread fake news, solely to interfere with the 2016 Presidential race.

A report from Politico says:

Last month, however, a pair of Washington-area lawyers suddenly surfaced in the case, notifying the court that they represent Concord Management. POLITICO reported at the time that the move appeared to be a bid to force Mueller’s team to turn over relevant evidence to the Russian firm and perhaps even to bait prosecutors into an embarrassing dismissal in order to avoid disclosing sensitive information.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Prosecutors team said on Friday that two lawyers representing one of the Russian companies, who is named in the 37-page-indictment, issued multiple requests for “nonpublic details about the case and the investigation.”

No regard for Court’s rules

The two lawyers, Dubelier and Seikaly, are accusing Mueller’s team of having no regard whatsoever for the court’s rules. and believe Mueller’s team are doing whatever they want without any legal justification.

Russia investigation DC lawyers Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly
Russia investigation DC lawyers Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly

Dubelier and Seikaly said in a statement:

“Defendant voluntarily appeared through counsel as provided for in [federal rules], and further intends to enter a plea of not guilty. Defendant has not sought a limited appearance nor has it moved to quash the summons. As such, the briefing sought by the Special Counsel’s motion is pettifoggery.”

This is another embarrassing blow for the Russia investigation after a Virginia federal judge accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of “lying,” saying they’re doing whatever they want just to try and bring down President Trump.

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