University Bans Professor Who Offered Credit For Participating In A Protest Against Kavanaugh

University Bans Professor Who Offered Credit For Participating In A Protest Against Kavanaugh

The University of Southern Maine issued an apology for the “rogue behavior” of a retired female professor who offered credit for taking part in a protest against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, announcing that the professor has since been barred from teaching at the university.

Susan Feiner retired in September but continued to teach some classes.

According to the Washington Post, Feiner offered students one credit for taking a pop-up course called named“Engaged Citizenship,” which would transport students via bus to Washington to participate in a protest urging Republican Sen. Susan Collins to oppose confirming then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Ms. Feiner told local a CBS affiliate that she had completed all of the required work to get the course approved through a grant and that “everybody at the university signed off” on it, but the administration said that was not the case.

“We are embarrassed by and apologize for the rogue behavior of a former colleague,” USM President Glenn Cummings said in a statement early Wednesday, the Portland Press Herald reported. “In response to her inappropriate actions Dr. Susan Feiner has been notified that she is now barred from teaching at the University of Southern Maine, a prohibition that will be upheld by the other campuses of the University of Maine System as well.”

Republican Sen. Susan Collins said Dr. Susan Feiner promoted “an unauthorized class that advanced her personal political agenda.”

The University of Southern Maine said the course was advertised to students without any approval from the committee of faculty and deans that fully reviews all pop-up course offerings, the Press Herald reported. An investigation is ongoing, the school said.

“It’s USM’s loss,” Ms. Feiner said in response.

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