December 8, 2021

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Devin Nunes is DEMANDING ANSWERS Over FBI’s Use of ‘Steele Dossier’

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Devin Nunes is DEMANDING ANSWERS Over FBI’s Use of ‘Steele Dossier’

Devin Nunes sent official letters this Tuesday to over a dozen current and former U.S. government officials requiring they reveal their knowledge of the Steele dossier.

According to the daily caller, the letters Nunes submitted, he asked 10 questions regarding when they first learned of the infamous dossier and how they handled the unverified document written by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele.

Officials not named

Although the names of the recipients are for now redacted from the letter, the officials are described as current “high-ranking” as well as former government officials.

If the officials do not comply with the letters, Nunes, a California Republican, has threatened subpoenas.

“If you do not provide timely answers on a voluntary process, the Committee will initiate a compulsory process,” Nunes wrote.

The letters come as Congressional investigators struggle to determine whether Christopher Steele’s Clinton-financed dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race.

The Daily Caller reports Nunes also wants to know whether the officials took any action at all or convened any meetings after receiving said dossier.

Obama’s involvement in question

The Daily Caller also reports, The letters Nunes issued suggest officials from the Obama administration are being questioned. Nunes asks if President Barack Obama was aware of the dossier before Jan. 5, 2017, when he was said to be briefed by James Comey about the report. The dossier alleges the Russian government was blackmailing candidate Donald Trump and that members of the Trump campaign had colluded with the Kremlin to rig the election.

What are the questions Nunes wants answered?

Here is Nunes letter about the Steele dossier by Chuck Ross on Scribd

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