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Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti was on Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel’s payroll!

Well isn’t this interesting!

Not only was Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti on Joe Biden payroll, but Rahm Emanuel previously sued Trump and ‘The Apprentice’ Reality T.V Show.

Pornstar Stormy Daniels’ who is alleging she slept with the President many years ago is represented by lawyer Michael Avenatti, who as it turns out, worked for Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel, two pals of Barack Obama.

When Stormy’s lawyer Avenatti wasn’t keeping busy going after and suing Donald Trump as well as The Apprentice producer Mark Barnett for “alleged intellectual property infractions”, he was busy working on political campaigns of over 150 Democrats, this includes national campaigns.

It’s even mentioned in Michael Avenatti’s biography:

 “While in college and later in law school, Michael worked at a political opposition research and media firm run by Rahm Emanuel (who later became White House Chief of Staff and is presently the Mayor of Chicago). During his time there, Michael worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states, including multiple gubernatorial and congressional campaigns (i.e. Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate Campaign).”
This certainly sheds light on this smear campaign against President Trump.