December 8, 2021

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President Trump’s genius Omnibus Bill plan | What the MSM didn’t tell you!

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OK, I’m seeing the likes of Mike Cernovich, Anne Coulter and even Tucker Carlson going into panic mode for no reason, let’s look at this logically, so, this omnibus bill only lasts until September, which means Congress will then have to pass another spending bill for 2019. This comes right before the November elections. AND Trump said he won’t sign another bill like this one ever again. <–EVER AGAIN!

What’s in the Omnibus Bill?

In the bill Trump got an additional $80 BILLION for “defense spending”, that’s for just this year! and what’s that also go towards? you guessed it, THE ARMY CORE OF ENGINEERS, which¬†President Donald J. Trump can use to build the border wall, that’s more than enough for materials and extra personnel, PLUS the already nearly 40,000 of America’s finest within the Army Core of Engineers, and Congress can’t do a damn thing to stop him.

Also, remember what Trump said? “No-one read it”, That was his wink-and-a-nod to everyone that he’s got them right where he wants them, already DACA failure is on the Dems, this will hurt them in the mid-terms, they have nothing to run on, funds for human rights violations can be frozen at ANY time, he’s signed about seizing assets of anyone involved, he just heavily funded the OIG and gave them a lot of power over the CENSUS, where does that lead them? you guessed it again! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!.

Military defense fund

He also FULLY funded the military, this is very important, not just for national defense, but for the above mentioned regarding illegals.

Now, back to the “no-one read it” statement, there was another reason he made that clear, and you will see that reason when you look at who voted “nay”.

Those who read it knew, and it also exposes the corrupt swamp rats against the MAGA agenda.

What you saw on T.V was nothing short of a show for the camera’s

Just think, If Trump Vetoed the bill, it would have given them all a chance to see the finer details that are going to take the swamp rats down.

Stay the course people, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, don’t believe the MSM crap and the fear mongering alternative media moguls trying to click bait you through fear, they didn’t read the bill, but for those of us who did…

We know Trump’s plan.

This was brilliant!

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