October 25, 2021

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Police in Georgia attacked by a minister, his family and members of the congregation

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Officers were called to a scene in Georgia Saturday after a woman reported she had seen her runaway teenage daughter.

Police in Georgia arrested a Lilburn minister as well as his wife and two sons, taking them into custody after a brawl broke out in front of their church. The group disarmed one officer and pushed another against a wall.


UPDATE: Police Officer attacked by Minister and family: I was choked so hard I couldn’t breathe

So what really happened?

A woman had reported she saw her runaway teenage daughter at Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Church, located at a strip mall on Highway 29.

The officers responded and went to investigate the claim, to which the woman’s daughter was found sitting in the back of the minister’s SUV with one of his sons.

Police told Channel 2 Action News on Monday that the officers went to the church after the woman reported that she’d spotted her runaway teenage daughter.

“They have my daughter, they won’t let her have communication with me. The lady from the church was yelling at me. They said they had custody from DFACS, but it’s not true,” the mother told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas.

Shortly after arriving and finding the missing teen in the back of a vehicle with the son of Minister Wilmer Cruz the Lilburn PD was surrounded by the local minister, his wife, and their two sons. The group then moved in on the officers.

Realizing they were greatly outnumbered, one of the officers drew his Taser only to have it taken from him by Cristina Cruz, who then tried to resist being arrested after the taser was retrieved.

At one point an officer tried to Taser the son who had attacked the officer but the son grabbed the prongs and wrapped them up. One of the sons got hold of the Police radio after the officer dropped it, which he threw to the ground after being instructed to do so.

One of the officers was then rushed and pushed against a glass door.

“The officer was grabbed by his throat and slammed into the glass, pinned up to the glass door and was unable to move at that point,” Lt. Tim Allen with the Lilburn Police Department said.

Wilmer Cruz, 38, and Cristina Cruz, 37, were arrested on numerous charges.  Meanwhile a 16-year-old and 17-year-old were also arrested.

The 16-year-old has been charged as a juvenile.

As reported by wsbtv, the three charged as adults appeared in court Monday afternoon facing felony charges. They are currently being held without bond.

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UPDATE: Police Officer attacked by Minister and family: I was choked so hard I couldn’t breathe

536 thoughts on “Police in Georgia attacked by a minister, his family and members of the congregation

  1. There was obviously a language barrier issue. The police handled this poorly. The one running around using tasers and mace should have sat and waited for his supervisor because he was obviously in over his head. Fuck the police in this instance. I read the story and it’s ridiculous when they describe the abuse the police received “One officer was slammed into the glass by his neck and his radio stolen”. The cop dropped his radio. Also, I wonder why they always dull down claims of police brutality. I guess the fools who wrote the story never watched the Rodney King beating.

  2. The officers the kid repeatly said you drop this the radio in his hand trying to give it back to the officer and the officer push him back then trying to arrest him for stealing the radio if u hear it. He saying he dropped it here is the radio

  3. Then we’d all be hearing from whiney little snowflakes that the police were too forceful. Damned if you do…. Damned if you don’t….

  4. Citizens need to learn how to kick some cops ass. I’m convinced that cops were wimps and losers I’m high school and college. Weren’t very smart, weren’t popular, and couldn’t get girls to hello, let alone get a date.

  5. Right like wtf I would have would wooped ass without a taser or pepper spray. They totally got man handled by some bible thumpers lol

  6. The cops are trained to do their job with minimum force. If they had kicked some ass, they would be looking at a law suit and possible dismissal.

  7. This is a terribly written article! There aren’t enough details and facts.

    First, the writer says, ” At one point, an officer tried to Taser the son who had attacked the officer, but the son grabbed the prongs and wrapped them up…” but didn’t previously mention that a son attacked an officer; only that, “…the group disarmed one officer…”. A group is not a son.

    The writer continues, “…he (the son) also got hold of the officer’s radio which he threw to the ground.” Not true. The radio fell to the ground. The son (the guy in the white shirt) picked up the radio and Gave it Back to the officer. Check your own posted video!

    Then, the writer states that the woman took the taser (yes) “and pointed it directly at” the officer (no!) She did take it away, but just to get rid of it; to stop her family from getting tased. Again, look at the video.

    That was not the right thing to do in this case, obviously. Really, no one should have been grabbing at the officers, at all! But, state the FACTS, please. Don’t lie.

    Also, it’s “Iglesia”; church. No, “N”.

  8. All could have been avoided by complying with police. ive had cops tell me to get down. What did i do? I hit the dirt with my hands up and tht was the end of it. Taking a cops tazer/radio? Ide expect to be shot dead. Fucking degens dont understand that.

  9. Cops are now at a greater risk because of being injured because they can’t whoop someone’s ass with all the cameras around. Neither of these cops took control because they couldn’t without using extreme force but then the media would paint them as power hungry thugs. These people are in a lot of trouble and I hope they get the book thrown at them. They’re all lucky they didn’t get shot. I think the cops showed great restraint and it almost got them beat up for it. These people were up to something for them to act this way. I support the men and women in blue and wish for their safety.

  10. It escalated to a point that deadly force was close. The Sergeants weapon security was poor at best. Locked into a retention situation, this could have cost the Sergeant his life as the other Officers. The Capstun worked well, it should have been used immediately when the Officers was surrounded.

  11. The officers can win. These people attacked the police officers, disarmed them, put their hands to the officer’s throat, slammed him against a door and window, and two other “bad guys” were attacking his fellow officer. I would say these officers used minimal strength and aggression. Most people who attack police officers in this manner end up dead… end of story.

    The bad guys also had a minor child in their vehicle and they refused to give the child back to the lawful parent. I believe that is called kidnapping in most books. All of the offenses I saw are felonies. If there were minor children in the crowd, which obviously there were, shame on the parents for exposing their children to defiance of the law and assaulting police officers during the course of their duties.

    Good luck in court.

  12. Considering the fact that currently veterans and specifically combat veterans make up a large percentage in many police forces throughout the country now I would be curious as to your opinions on veterans and military personnel in general.

  13. Stoooooooop. This is a chuuuuuurch. There a kiiiiiiids. Stooooooooop. Stfu!

  14. I totally disagree with everything being said here. Everyone has their own point of view. You media only took it from one. Which was the lady missing her daughter. Why couldn’t ya just ask the people from the church what was their point of view. Instead of taking one side. This whole world is blind. Relying on one’s point of view. Instead of being fair. This world is full of unfair people. If ya really want saying such horrible stuff about those religious people, you sure are one of the most close minded person I would know. I’m on no one’s side. I just believe this could have been done better without any screaming or tasers or even pepper spray.

  15. When you are doing your job as these officers were doing and then to be attacked. I believe the judge should throw the book at all of them. Put them behind bars for as long as the law allows. The officers are trained to handled what seemed to be at first a civilian matter and turned very wrong and the officers still held back their training to just force when they are over powered and still kept their cool. Had their been forced used by the officers they would be facing a possible law suit, lost of job, etc. Its things like this should be seen over and over and let the public know it isn’t just a simple “FIX” when you have people who think they are above the law. My hats off to these officers and I hope these people get plenty of jail time.

  16. You racist cunts that are commenting, that still doesn’t give that damn cop the right to mistreat them like how he did.. he should return his badge didn’t handle it so well

  17. Considering how poor your writing is… sounds like you were a loser in highschool as well.

  18. i am a christian myself but i respect the law and police officers by no way would jesus or god give any man or woman the authority to be above the law! the officers actual showed restraint to the point they put each other in danger as distance should of been gained with one officer with taser and office behind his shoulder with firearm as the call should of been made for back up from other police officers ! i hope the full weight of the law should be taken as if these people were of faith they would of read in ROMANS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT THAT JESUS STATED THAT ALL AUTHORITY’S MUST BE RESPECTED ! these so call church people need to remeber not to trespass against others !

  19. Hey Sandra Lewis just shows how ignorant you are? Maybe someone should come and beat your ass, for the comments you just made what you a felon maybe you a chomo a child beater hmmm shut your fuckin mouth ignorant bitch.

  20. They deserve to be in jail…wow they really were ridiculous! The girl recording was extremely annoying to me…I had to turn down my phone…I have to say cops handled this quite well surprisingly..

  21. Yea, your dumb as a box of rocks too!! Your damn English sucks!! Maybe you need to go to elementary and get a proper education… maybe read up some history while your there!!

  22. Citizens need to stop being barbarians and follow instructions… Attacking a police officer is the same as attacking our laws … You respect our laws or get your stinking asses back to the hell hole you crawled here from.

  23. we are told to obey the law unless it is in direct contradiction to the bible. these people were not following the lawful directions of the police.please do not lump all Christians together. not all who call Lord, Lord, actually follow Him

  24. I did not understand that the policeman is trained to beat women and children. This dwarf policeman thinks he is doing a review even in the use of sprays, as if in a battle, and I see all those around him, teenage children, as soon as a simple talk was all that ends, this idiot provokes them with a word of retreat. And his treatment of the mirror was a racist treatment in which a kind of insult

  25. So you fucks wouldn’t do the same, protect your mother and father from being harassed by the cops? Okay!

  26. Its not that they don’t know how to .Its that they don’t know if they can anymore without getting fired .If you comply your fine .

  27. At the end of the day the cops did something beyond horrible they should get trailed and all, these are church people they follow the law they’d rather talk like regular people, you think they just came out on some WWE shit no.. that white cop was forcing them hence the lady recording and that white cop didn’t even know how to handle his own equipment.. fuck all you racist people I can see you all going to eternal hell have fun.

  28. They’re lucky they aren’t in Britain, for all that you would have riot squad in and taken down by 5 of the bastards all at once

  29. what’s coming down to this world . This officer was just scared these people did not do a thing to him

  30. You know I feel like this story was a bunch of racist people who came together just to do it! From what I saw and realized in this video is just a bunch of Americans being racist towards those Hispanics, it’s church keep that in mind, of course people will react if your trying to shock and arrest the minister. And to be honest I can see the hate in the way that those cops try to arrest those people. It’s not about cops needing more training it’s about them having respect towards every race in this country, because without respect you don’t have anything, and people just won’t take cops seriously anymore because they have seen how the little power given to them goes up their heads. In conclusion, all this hate towards someone else just because of their religion or race got to stop, because that’s just going to create more hate, and we don’t need that in our lives. Respect and you will be respect it.

  31. Your grammar shows your lack of intelligence. Go back to school and get educated. You may want to start in third grade since that is where kids learn to make a complete sentence.

  32. They where told to do something . They should all go to jail. Because your at a church doesn’t give the right to disobey men in blue. To many people hiding behind their religion ,race and gender. Just do what they ask and No one would get hurt or maybe not even go to jail. If you want respect you must give respect. It goes both ways.

  33. Mrs. Sandra Lewis, please learn English so we can understand what your saying. It look kind of like part of what you’re trying to say is citizens should be kicking the police ass, but then there appears to be some whiney gibberish about your not being popular in school. Either way it looks like you’re a moron.


  35. Seems if anyone was truly concerned about the kids they would have seen to the kids not been in the middle of the frey. Would not be surprised if this were not the first runaway they had harbored.

  36. Incoherent rambling. This poorly written post is tough to read. Where did you attend college?


  38. Just because they’re latino doesn’t mean they’re a immigrant. Uneducated ignorant dumb bigot.

  39. Why don’t you go kick some cops ass and see what happens. I hope one day somethings really bad happens to you and you need a cop and no one shows up.

  40. That may be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read.. I’m checking back on all the really REALLY stupid comments to make sure..
    I mean, there are some dumbass comments.. but yeah, “citizens need to learn how to kick some cops ass”.. that has got to be the all time, most moronic thing I’ve ever read. THEN, you go on to impugn the police officers courage, intelligence and manhood, just to make SURE that it’s the stupidest, most moronic thing you could have typed in.. If there was an award for the stupidest comment, ever posted on social media, I believe you would win. I suppose you’ll be proud of that award. That makes just about as much sense.

  41. haha .. they certainly could have handled the situation alot better than they did .. the excitable cop could have just kept talking calmly until more backup arrived and then sheer numbers alone would have prevented that ridiculous escalation of nonsense .. also he was much more forceful with the much smaller women .. yet couldn’t deal with even just one of the guys .. and all his yelling about getting on the ground and trying to grab a couple of them who were standing there doing nothing was simply bad judgment especially knowing the back up would be there in no time anyway .. really stupid and basically inept …. and i guess i have to qualify my points saying i was airborne infantry and gung ho all the way .. so just because i see these 2 cops as idiots does not mean i’m some kind of radical anti establishment type .. just calling a spade a spade .. or in this case .. an idiot an idiot

  42. thank god for moms….she knew those church people were the devil….how do you get outta church and break the law? gotta 16 yr old female runaway, and allll the church men are fighting the police to keep the girl….. sounds more like a cult…and the camera woman “y r u being sooo mean”…alll of them at that church are brainwashed….

  43. That may be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read.. I’m checking back on all the really REALLY stupid comments to make sure..
    I mean, there are some dumbass comments.. but yeah, “citizens need to learn how to kick some cops ass”.. that has got to be the all time, most moronic thing I’ve ever read. THEN, you go on to impugn the police officers courage, intelligence and manhood, just to make SURE that it’s the stupidest, most moronic thing you could have typed in.. If there was an award for the stupidest comment, ever posted on social media, I believe you would win. I suppose you’ll be proud of that award. That makes just about as much sense.

  44. They will be charged with assaulting the person. We have handcuffed out police from being able to do their jobs.

  45. You are a damn idiot! Thanks for showing everyone just how retarded you are . Words can’t describe just how ignorant you truly are!

  46. Did you even proof read what you wrote you f ing vegetable? You called cops stupid but type as if youre having a stroke.

  47. That is the stupidest shit I have read all week. But you go ahead and believe that shit hun maybe you will be in the next video

  48. Looks to me like the police officer was trying to do his job. Its true that some police officers go overboard doing their jobs, but in this case what I seen the Officer was well within his rights like it or not, he had a job too do and he did it.

  49. People it’s even a shame that such comments even existes u the cops need some training how to behave. Like humans not like animals even they have a badge on them I’m sorry to be so blunt but that’s a fact I know the feeling no doubt in mind the police is wrong in every aspect I’m sorry they take Authorization to lie to people when this is only given if they are Invastgateing. A crime it’s not just he is allowed to lie just because he has a badge in my personal opinion every cop should be held accountable for their crimes look into them like every other criminal

  50. “I’m convinced that cops were wimps and losers I’m high school and college. Weren’t very smart, weren’t popular, and couldn’t get girls to hello, let alone get a date.”

    Weren’t very smart huh? Maybe you should proofread your own comments before you start judging other people on whether or not they are smart. Counted about 4 mistakes in 2 sentences alone, not to mention everything you said that was negative was all in the past tense so does that mean that you think these cops are smart, popular, and can get girls now? Either way you’re making a sweeping generalization based off of no evidence because you’re mad you got a ticket once.

    If you really want citizens to start kicking cops asses then don’t be surprised when cops just opt to use lethal force off the bat instead of non-lethal force like in this video. Of course you’d probably be the first person to whine and complain when these morons get shot.

    Everything in that video could have been avoided if they just obeyed lawful orders given to them by the police. Then again I’m sure you didn’t read the article and even if you did I can’t be positive you comprehended it given your awful writing. You probably just watched the video and made a bunch of assumptions.

  51. the police are such loser he makes whole panic.
    He should be arrested immediately because he is against women. such a loser of man.

  52. What an absolute bunch of idiots. Non compliant jerks! Hope they all get jail time. Then that annoying voice of the stupid girl filming… omg! Could barely make it through the video. Wish they would have tased her in the vocal cords!

  53. There is a great scene in a movie a long time ago. I don’t remember the movie and can’t find the scene. One guy gets man handled by a cop while the guy’s buddy doesn’t interfere.

    When the cop is done with the 1st guy he slaps around the 2nd guy for apparently no reason. The second guy asks why he did that, and the cop says something to the effect of; We all know God damned well that tomorrow you’d be shooting your mouth off about what your bad ass would have done to me had I tried to pull that shit with you. I just wanted to keep that bullshit in check.


  55. In what country? In the US, black people are choked to death or shot for WAY less than these people did.

  56. These cops did the best they could without using minimum force they could have used extreme force but then they would be the ones on trial. These people come to our country and do not want to abide by our rules. What gives them them right to call and set our police officers up then attack them then act like they are the victims. Deport them, if they can’t live here and be civilized people respect our laws and officers like the rest of us leave. Our officers risk their lives everyday to protect our communities and to have this happen is sickening deport them.

  57. I think if they know what was going on they wouldn’t fight the police. They why it looked the police didn’t even talk to them and let them know what was going on. Hell The police didn’t even know if the runaway wanted to talk to her mom. What if they did have custody of the runaway. Hell what if she wasn’t really a runaway and this mother wanted to stir up shit all bc her daughter didn’t want anything to do with her or all bc her daughter wasn’t aloud around her

  58. I think this officer didn’t read the situation well lost control of the situation and panicked, these people should not be touching any police period. That being said the family had a huge emotional personal attachment to the situation and that’s their daughter of officer was there to do his job. Had he read this situation correctly back up should have been called before all this mayham and he should have talked to each responsible like starting with the leader of the congregation or the loudest one there and dissected this slowly.

  59. Someone needs to learn how to spell…seriously……get girls to hello? losers i’m high school? ahahahhaah just stick to reading you stupid bitch.

  60. Cop used a lot of restraint, Kids should take heed that when a US officer tells you something, you need to do it. You all resisted. You all should go to jail. If you just FREAKING do what he said it wouldn’t have been so traumatic for the kids. If’s your fault the kids are traumatized. Your ass would have been tazed already or shot because I would have been fearing for my life as an office with you grabbing at my weapons and restricting my arms. You could have grabbed my weapon and I could have been dead…..Fearing for my life. This is how a small infraction turns into death for someone by not obeying the officers…God, just do what they say then fight it out in court if you feel wronged. At least you will be alive to see another day. I’m glad you ALL were hauled into jail. You deserved it.

  61. First to woman recording … stop yelling “Stop there are kids here” how about put the camera down and remove the kids from the area. They don’t have to see what’s going on. If they don’t have to be there tell them to go inside.
    Now 2nd to those that were getting arrested. The street isn’t the time or place to argue that you’re are innocent or not. If the police want to put you in hand cuff to detain you for questioning then don’t fight them. Cause if you fight them then you will no longer be innocent if you were in the first place. Cause they can now charge you for resisting. Comply to their lawful commands and ask for a lawyer. If they are arresting you they have to read you your rights. Again ask for a lawyer. If you already have a lawyer tell them you want to speak to your lawyer. But you still need to give them your ID, and any basic information that they need that might prove that you are innocent.

  62. First thing people need to know or understand is this family are not MUSLIM they are christian and they was at the Christian church .

  63. Ms. Sandra Lewis you have no clue what you are even talking about. Are you suggesting that the citizens attack police officers, who are also citizens. Who cares that you have a bad opinion on police because you get in trouble and act disrespectful to them. They are still people, doing a job, and have families of their own. For the situation they kept a very level head.

  64. I feel bad for Cops, they put up with this bullshit day in and day out. They deal with assholes daily.. They deserve our respect and appreciation. Young punk ass liberal millennials don’t understand what respect is! If you just do what the officer asks you don’t get tased, sprayed or shot, DUH!!!

  65. Hey Sandy…You should re-read and edit your post with all this suggestive banter about not being smart…good grief.

  66. Lady, you are part of the problem. I don’t know what you mean by “I’m high school and college”, but if you mean you attended both, you must have flunked English. Your reply makes no sense at all.

  67. If they don’t want to obey the law or respect the law then they need to not be here. The police is doing what they are supposed to, using minimum force to get them into custody. Any more than that then the police dept will get a law suit.

  68. Hands down to the cops for trying not to pull out a gun on these people but damn this family got into so much trouble over a kid who was not there’s n still had to go back with there parent . This family is lucky that the officer didn’t just pull the gun n shot to kill.sad to hear the little kids cry but what was the mother n father teaching there childred. They are lucky they didn’t get shot.

  69. Mrs Sandra Lewis…are you really that dumb? A call was placed about a missing girl . Police action was requested. These people had this girl in their car. The police were asked to intervene. Why would you then think they should be abused? The people should have obeyed the request of the police…they did not…they accosted the officer because he brought out hisvtaser because he was being threatened. You obviously have no idea what was happening.

  70. Only the blacks that are criminals which sadly is a whole lot compared to the population numbers. Read the statistics for your own verification

  71. So are white people or mentally challenged, deaf or cripple. Welcome to the police state where cops seem to be trained for combat…shoot to kill.

  72. OMFG IM SO SICK OF YOU RACIST ASS PEOPLE GO DIE IN A HOLE SOMEWHERE you know you racists when the first thing you STATE is the color of someone’s skin

  73. The cop was well within his rights to give them all a good beating as soon as they started manhandling him. Not sure if it was restraint or surprise ambush that stopped him half the time.

  74. Those animals have to be punished,The officer tried so hard to stop the attack on him, but those stupid morons r so aggressive.Deport them.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They will never be productive people.They so hateful,angry.I would be scared live next to them.

  75. Looks to me like police did not have control over this situation, that is much scarier than anything because they should be trained in order to resolve issues like this without anyone getting hurt. You can blame the citizens but it’s up to the police to keep it under control. This was chaos !! Police looked like the didn’t have a clue as what to do.

  76. Actually, the Miranda Warning is only required if you are being questioned. Probable Cause arrests do not require it. The right to an attorney is to represent you, and advise you, they have no power to do anything to impede or mediate an arrest.

  77. Makes me wonder what the sermon was about that day ? Total disrespect for law enforcement trying to just do their jobs and investigate a missing persons report. I give the officer lots of kudos for not brandishing his gun on these crazy people. NEVER EVER touch a cop when he is trying to investigate a potential crime situation. Complete disregard for authority.

  78. The police are to be commended. They were as gentle as they possibly could have been, even to the extent of putting their own well-being in jeopardy. This situation could have ended badly.

  79. Amen, can’t believe they even had the balls to post that crap. Hope nothing ever happens and YOU need a police officer

  80. You know you hit a raw nerve, when cops lose their $#!t on news comments.

    I’m betting it was the girls bit that had them spitting vitriol at their screen whilst smashing out an angry reply with one hand and phoning the rest of their spelling police buddies with the other hand. Now they can join the rest of the pitch fork and lantern lynch mob, picking out any grammatical errors as though it’s an arrestable offence.

    Chill out and don’t take it so personally. Have a coke and a smile and STFU.

  81. I didn’t see anywhere in the article that they aren’t American citizens. They can’t deport American citizens from their homeland.

  82. Im not a snowflake..but I do lean more to the left than the right..and you are wrong. These cops were assaulted. The citizens were not complying with the orders to back off. They weren’t too forceful, they were actually pretty mild. Cant believe the girl kept screaming “stop! Theres kids here!” over and over…Then take the kids into the church so they dont have to watch their parents/siblings act like dicks to cops. I agree with Nico…the cops need some more training on how to better access the situation, so as not to be taken over by the group. I hope the felony charges stick, because the cops were trying to be peaceful, and these people took it way out of control. And they are lucky this wasnt in a big city like L.A…..someone would probably be dead.

  83. Ok…what crime did the cops commit first of all?? The cops did nothing wrong here except maybe not wait for back up before approaching. And second…Have you ever heard of punctuation?? Its like one looooooonnnggggg sentence.

  84. And if they wanted to know what was going on…they should have backed up when the officer told them to. He wasnt ready to arrest them, he was trying to get them to back off, and they did not comply (and trying to take the officers taser and weapon), this was NOT the fault of the officer. Had they done what they were told, and didnt all rush the officer, it probably would have turned out completely different.

  85. Honey, my father was a white, and he was shot to death for having a paper bag in his hand, even though he never got near officers or laid a finger on them, so don’t think it is about race. It is about how the particular cops are trained and their mentality when faced with a desperate situation.

  86. cops are assholes anyway- the more they get their ass beat the better I like it- they are NEVER YOUR FRIEND and if you think they are you arent in this universe

  87. The police had all rights. These people were very disrespectful. Laws are there to follow. What example are these people setting

  88. There lucky he didn’t decide to pull his side arm an shoot after being slammed into the wall An choked, once the hands go around a officers neck it’s considered life threatening an he could have just sat back An squeezed a few off but he didn’t, he used enough force what he though was appropriate, but he was with in his rights to shoot.

  89. Go for kidnapping. Denying the mother lawful access to the child is more than just hiding a minor.

  90. Bible thumpers? Really!? Apparently, they seem, from limited information, more a cult. Not a religion. Stereotyping is what causes the issues. They got manhandled because they know how the perception would be if they used what was needed to protect themselves properly. They would have been labeled as bad cops. It’s a NO WIN with today’s entitled society.

  91. Seems you aren’t too smart either. You have no idea on how to use punctuation marks and where sentences begin and end. Are you sure you aren’t describing yourself???

    So what you are saying is, that if the police would have beat these people down they would be more than what you describe. But I am sure then, you are the type to condemn the officers for police brutality. You would rant and rave for their arrest and dismissal from the police department.

    You are exactly what is wrong with this society. You have no idea what exactly you stand for. You are most likely a high school drop out living off of the government and obviously have no clue what you are talking about. When, if ever, you finally get a clue on what is going on in society today and what the exact cause is, perhaps then you will see its not a police issue its a social issue where disrespect is not only taught in homes but is expected to be carried through life.

    Maybe you should crawl back under the rock you have been obviously living under, get an education and then articulate what exactly it is that you are trying to say.

  92. The officers show a lot of patience!! The fool recording gave the officers a win in court!! You can’t put your hands on an officer, much less restrain them, even less to disarm them!!! What were they thinking!!!

  93. The cops did everything right here. They are extremely lucky the cop kept his cool and didn’t draw his fire arm when he was being attacked 3 on 1.

  94. HaHaHa, Love your last sentence!!!!!!!! Was thinking the same thing! And maybe they should have considered, themselves, that they were doing this in front of their own kids!!

  95. Please don’t call anyone retarded, because that would mean they are smart, and by what was said it proves that are a friggin moron. Retarded people are teachable and very intelligent.

  96. Love it!! Now if all of these stupid people against the cops, (for whatever reason they may have), would read your comment! They definitely deserved it. And the woman filming: repeatedly saying stuff about kids being there…. Why should the police officer have to worry about traumatizing your kids, when all their people are the ones attacking the police officers, and were lucky they were not shot! The officer feared for his life and safety, especially when they started taking his weapons away. They are lucky all they got was tazed and pepper-sprayed!!!

  97. Actually no you are completely wrong. As officers we are required to use one level above the force we are recieving. If you go hands on I take out my baton. If you have a weapon depending on distance and the type of weopon out comes my gun or taser or both. So no, these officers are definetly within their rights to use force. In fact as doon as she touched the teaser they are within their rights to shoot them.

  98. Id love yo show you how much you are wrong bud. But key board warriors like you are way to weak to ever actually do anything accelt atta k the keyboard.

  99. Vast majority of the police in America are racist Twats!
    They deserve a good beating by the public to show them what time of day it is. Disgusting pieces of shit!!!

  100. I just watched this video and what you are claiming happened is seen completely different in the video. This is stupid.
    The police officers attack a child and the parents protect the child. Zero real reason to taze or pepper spray. They where at their church. And if you putt your hands on my minor son i would of done more then that preacher when he slammed him up against the door. I would of beat the life outta of that police officer.

    He dropped his tazer and walkie talkie radio, and that kid picked it up trying to give it back multiple times. Trying to do the RIGHT THING. THEN the officer attacked the boys saying He stole it which was lie. And the father seen him attack his son he protected his son. You may be a cop but you will never protect a child. Better then the parents that love them. And fuck yeah that boy granted those tazer prongs, you tried to tazer his mother. That’s a boy raised right. Fuck those pathetic officers. Do your fucking job the correct way.

  101. The kid was clearly trying to return the radio.. if u got that wrong I wonder what else is wrong? Fake news.

  102. Jay Weiss,call a lawyer from the ACLUwhen you need immediate help in a burglary or assault

  103. The fact that you are unable to convey a simple thought is sad and pathetic, Mrs. Sandra Lewis. Ask someone to help you the next time you’d like to write a post.

  104. Are you dumb? Cops are there to stop people that behave like animals, and these people did just that, he showed a ton of restraint, if it was me in his place, they would have all taken a trip to the hospital before the police station after pushing me to that door and holding me by the neck.

  105. No they’re not. There’s literally ZERO credible proof backing up that claim. Not saying police in the US never utilize excessive force, but theres no disparity according to the FBI statistics.

  106. He is against everybody involved and everybody behaving like animals in that scene, you retarded, ignorant fuck. Can you libtards stop making things a problem when they are clearly not what you say they are?

  107. Get back in the cave you came from with that shit you inbred motherfucker. I don’t care you’re a woman, I’d fucking smack you in the face if you made any attempt to hit me at all, that’s how it works in real life. I might know why you’re sad though, I bet the only ones who date you are idiots who think like you, and they’re most likely abusers. Contact a fucking psychologist and get some help, leave the loser that’s damaging you and fix yourself up, you’re fucked in the mind bitch.

  108. Actually you should read a bit. Fact is, there is an upper IQ limit on cops, you cannot be to smart. Second the cops in the US are trained based on Israeli military training, which has been condemned by the UN . Third the UN and other organisations have out right condemned the actions of the police force in the US. I could write a book here but you are also capable of doing research and not just repeating what you are told, so please do try it once. Look at it like this, the United States is the least free country in the world and has the highest incarceration rate, this isn’t because our population is worse off, it is because prisons along with more and more Police forces now are privatized for profit operations and well if you know the history of where the idea of police actually aka Slave Patrols you would see it. They think they are higher then the law. Example, Police unions are fighting testing for steroids because roid rage is becoming a concern, they are even taking it to the supreme court, like they are somehow better then anyone. If you ask me watching this whole video I suspect the main officer involved has this issue. What needs to be done like everywhere else in the world are independent panels that do investigations so that cops are held accountable and these types of incident would go way down, mandatory psychiatric evaluations, drug testing, quarterly performance reviews, etc. Most police on the street do not belong there, and honestly when you ever actually need one they are no where to be found, or call about shots fired they take their time or never even show but call about something where they can harass or get their jolly off and they are there in a flash. These cops purposely escalated this situation from the beginning but this report chose to cut the beginning of the video out to tow an agenda. No better then CNN and the truth always prevails. So to bring it to your lower level, no sir thanks for showing us how un educated and ignorant of the world that you are.

  109. Okay… for the commenters calling for deportation, show me one piece of evidence that they are not citizens. The population of citizens in the US that are Latino and speak Spanish is very large. If that is your basis for assuming that they could even be deported, then sit down and shut up. That is exactly the type of comment that gets supporters of immigration reform called racist. You’re hurting your own cause.

    Sandra Lewis, if you’re going to call someone out for stupidity, please proofread your comment. I’m not going to highlight your errors, as I will probably make some as well, but rest assured they were there, and in quantity. Second of all, I would encourage you to loom into the requirements in your state to be certified as a police officer. I know in Texas, the test on Texas Penal Code is a monster, and the margin for error is unforgiving. Idiots need not apply. I also fail to see the correlation between being able to pick up girls in high school and being a good police officer, perhaps you could elaborate? I’m also curious how you would apply that principle to female officers. They must all be lesbians, right? Side note: the police officers that I have known (male) had no difficulty picking up women, although to be fair, I didn’t know them in highschool. As far as citizens learning to kick cops’ asses (I used the plural of ass here, although you used the singular; I’m not sure if that was a mistake on your part, or if you intended to imply that all cops share one collective ass), you really need to think that one over. Cops are trained and equipped to escalate to the level necessary to overcome the normal opposition they encounter. If that level becomes much higher, I can assure you that you will not like the police presence that you will begin to see.

    Mosa, you say he should be arrested because he’s against women. One, that’s not supported by the video. Two, “against women” is a little too vague to actually be a crime, so no, he shouldn’t be arrested. Three, if the officer is attempting to do his job, and a woman tries to stop him, he should do what exactly, in your opinion? Call it a loss and go home, because women are above the law and cannot be restrained in any way, even if they are interfering in a police investigation?

    Dorma there is no way to know what happened before the video started, but I would like to point out that the girl had to be a minor or the police would not have even taken a report of a runaway. Had she been an adult, it would have been a missing person, and once she was spotted, with no sign of physical duress, case closed. So, as a minor, whether or not she even wants to talk to her mom is completely irrelevant. The mother is legally responsible for her daughter until a court says otherwise. If the mother hadn’t reported the runaway and attempted to recover her, especially if something bad happened to her while she was away, the mother could have faced serious charges of child neglect.

  110. Political correctness, liberalism coupled with lack of respect, all supported by lame authorities, make police officers’ job increasingly difficult.

  111. I’m very sorry about your recent stroke. I’m assuming that explains your attempt to make sense. Or was it just incest?

  112. The police were doing their job . Specifically attempting to recover an underage girl reported missing by her mother, who, by the way, had spotted her at the scene. This family, as Christians, should have obeyed the law and handed her over to the authorities. If the girl had ran away from home due to something irregular, then child protection services could have handled it.

  113. Juveniles don’t get to choose if they want to hang out with their parents. They have to follow the directions of the parents. The video doesn’t how everything during initial contact. Your really guessing at facts.


  115. Fuck you and fuck these racist ass cops! They made the situation worse. If I was there I would have help these people. They was being attacked by police!

  116. Foreigners come here and have children and use them as a shield. THIS POLICE OFFICER FAILED AND PUT HIMSELF IN DANGER.
    Now let’s get real,,,,,HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A PERSON PULL A GUN OUT OF A POLICE OFFICER HANDS. THIS IS DOUBLE STANDARD.IF THIS PEOPLE WERE BLACK THEY ALL WOULD BE DIE. They have more compassion for foreigners then Black Americans.

  117. right on, the officer held back, trying to reason with them. These people should face the full penalty of the law for manhandling the police officers.

  118. obviously the cop escalated the problem for no reason. Get a grip of life people. No need to suck a police dck.

  119. Hey snowflake, the police were doing their job there. Not sure what part of the video makes them look like criminals. Get a life!

  120. What a zoo! Obviously some columbine shit going on here. We all know how that usually turns out.. No BODY of people in their right mind willingly stands up to authority figures unless they think they are their own authority. Props to the cops that kept their cool. It’s not like the po po’ s were trying to make y’all butt rape each other. Damn just do what you’re told and get on with your life! Shit. People are so small minded.

  121. I think we’re all missing the point of why were they even getting arrested in the first place?

  122. Dorma, what the hell is wrong with you?
    How do you know they weren’t told what was going on? All you know about is from when the annoying woman with the camera decided to start recording. The police could have been there for 20mins already , but if she wasn’t recording it, then you wouldn’t know that. How do you know the police did not check with the state if there was a possible custody agreement prior to engaging the people? Unless you were there when this happened, which obviously you weren’t, the only thing you can deduct from this video, is that these people assaulted police, took their equipment, and surprisingly the police acted, in my opinion, more appropriately than I could imagine. After being pinned up against the wall, that officer had EVERY RIGHT to pull out his gun and use it if the situation didn’t defuse but he didn’t and luckily no one got shot or killed.

  123. The way the story was reported is totally in accurate. The officer dropped the tazer, took out his extended batton to him everybody. Was very physical and violent. As for the radio the officer dropped the kid pkd it up to give to the officerl the officer told him to put it down and he did. The ppl where protecting themselves from the officer who was in a rage. The lillurn PD officers handled the incident all wrong and the video will show it. Georgia as everybody knows is a KKK state, and a racist state. The Lillburn PD needs a way more training to handle the public

  124. What about the reen??????if the mother is psycho the teen was in better hands God’s law people the true Idiot here is the sorry mother of the teen who felt it was far better to break up a happy family rather then to seek help with her own sorry and poor parenting skills. Judgemental idiots make me sick and God Almighty will deal with you all in his time

  125. What about the teen??????if the mother is psycho the teen was in better hands God’s law people the true Idiot here is the sorry mother of the teen who felt it was far better to break up a happy family rather then to seek help with her own sorry and poor parenting skills. Judgemental idiots make me sick and God Almighty will deal with you all in his time

  126. This is why I couldnt job as a police officer, I would have snapped, and kicked all off their theeths so far up their brain It would have been ugly

  127. Regardless they should have explained the situation to the cops calmly. Not hinder them. They were in the wrong no matter what.

  128. what were the cops doing. based on the video which is viral now , the family did nothing wrong. as the days pass by cops r being more physical . its stupid

  129. If she is registered as a runaway and has an active case with the police department then no they don’t have custody of her or the case would be closed also it doesn’t matter if she wanted to speak to her mom or not as long as she is young enough to have an active case, which is the only way the police waste recourses looking for her, the police will take her back to her home and to her parents because the mother is within the law to request she be brought back. The minor can keep leaving but the police will keep bringing her back. Once someone else is given custody or the child becomes old enough to be considered an adult they will stop going after her until then it doesn’t matter if you don’t like or don’t want to be with you parents/guardian they are legally responsible for everything you do therefore they can have your ass dragged back home every time you run away.

  130. From reading these comments it’s clear that no one went to YouTube and watched the entire video from the very very beginning because if you did you would not be on these cops side. Things got out of hand because of their approach. Not because the citizens did something wrong. Had they stated that the young ladies family actually said that she was missing and that they were looking for her I’m quite sure things would have went totally different. But instead they thought they could just walk up there started snatching m************ out the car. So what happened happen. But I know we always take the cops were for it. These m************ up at somebody’s church beating the s*** out of the past the the first lady this mother f***** both they sons trying to take the granddaddy and all the little babies in the car screaming like a mother f****** because it ladies daughter ran away cuz she would let her go to church with a boyfriend so she ran away the she going to church with the young ladies family actually said that she was missing and that they were looking for her I’m quite sure things would have went totally different. But instead they thought they could just walk up there started snatching m************ out the car. So what happened happen. But I know we always take the cops were for it. These m************ up at somebody’s church beating the s*** out of the past the the first lady this mother f***** both they sons trying to take the granddaddy and all the little babies in the car screaming like a mother f****** because it ladies daughter ran away cuz she would let her go to church with a boyfriend so she ran away the she young ladies family actually said that she was missing and that they were looking for her I’m quite sure things would have went totally different. But instead they thought they could just walk up there started snatching m************ out the car. So what happened happen. But I know we always take the cops were for it. These m************ up at somebody’s church beating the s*** out of the past the the first lady this mother f***** both they sons trying to take the granddaddy and all the little babies in the car screaming like a mother f****** because it ladies daughter ran away cuz she would let her go to church with a boyfriend so she ran away the she going to church with the boyfriend so they come to the church to young ladies family actually said that she was missing and that they were looking for her I’m quite sure things would have went totally different. But instead they thought they could just walk up there started snatching m************ out the car. So what happened happen. But I know we always take the cops word for it.

  131. They have the training but in this day in age, they are limited on how to handle a situation like this. As you can see the people arrested were recording now if the police had done what they should have this would be going in another direction. They would be crying out for police brutality… smh and the media would edit the video to make it look just like that. Police face this every day and they are fighting against the same people they are there to protect. But no one with a evil agenda will let this happen. Thank you To The officers who put there life’s on the line every day. God knows I have needed help from you in the past. God Bless and May you continue to patrol the beat.

  132. Mrs Sandra dear, You seem to have no respect for authority or for anyone who would put there life on the line to save yours. These men and women you are disrespecting have more courage and honor than most. In large city’s they walk out of there precinct going on duty not knowing if a routine traffic stop is going to get them killed. May I ask, are you a Flag Burner as well?

  133. The cops were only restrained because they exercised EXTREME patience and opted NOT to draw guns, despite being endangered.
    Those stupid people are lucky to be alive.
    But id be happy to give him a little one on one training

  134. And now we know why YOU are not a police officer!🤪 Yes, always talk to the loudest person first. 🤔Obviously YOU didn’t even read the article. The girl in question was not their daughter, she was a runaway.
    Also, I wish people who choose to comment would: a) write in English b) use grammar and punctuation c) READ and be sure you understand before forming your opinion d) PROOFREAD before you post!

  135. Some of the people on here berating the cops have no business doing so. They can’t spell or even construct coherent sentences. Shows what kind of people they are. Uneducated and undisciplined. The cops got attacked first. Those people are guilty of the kidnapping of a minor because they kept her from her mother and wouldn’t allow her to communicate with her. They deserve whatever is coming to them. Either learn our laws or stay out of our country because that may fly in Mexico but it won’t here.

  136. Are you blind, deaf and dumb? Those people had this womans daughter, a minor, whom they have no custody of and refused to let her mother have her or even talk to her. That’s kidnapping. Then when the officers arrive to investigate they are attacked by these people. What in your esteemed opinion were the cops supposed to do? Did you even bother to read the article? Because if you did and still think that way then you are seriously messed up in the head.

  137. You realize that everything you said about the mother was judgemental. Your statement doesn’t make any sense. Plenty of kids run away because they don’t like rules. You don’t even know what happened on the mother’s side of things. As for the video, if they had just listened to the officer and complied then all of this drama could have been avoided.

  138. you have zero information about the mother and daughter. You dont know how things turned out, if the kid was kidnapped, held against her will, or was a willing participant. Her mother’s desperation to get her child back is normal and something a concerned parent would do. them preventing her from accessing her kid was their first mistake. ganging up on the officers, their second. they were told to move back, instead they ALL went after the cops. the police held their tempers enough to keep from pulling their guns. They could have done significant damage if they’d wanted to, they didn’t. this is on the aggressors, not on the police.

  139. First of all “assault on an officer” is a cop out. No pun intended. You whiny lil bitches go start shit with people, pull people over and get into their business, take freedoms away from people minding their own business, arrrest people for smoking a medicinal plant, collect revenue from people barely capable of paying their bills, and biggest of all you act like you have authority over us like our tax money doesn’t pay your fucking paycheck. Show some fucking respect and people wouldn’t throw jabs at you you fucking morons. You are there for the 2% of us that are criminals, not to act like we’re all criminals. You signed up for a job where you’re always going to be an asshole. Stop crying “Assault” it should be expected you sissy.

  140. You sir are a complete jackass! You cannot even write an understandable sentence… Shut up

  141. Your opinion is noted, now shut your bleeding heart up! When did American’s stop caring about American’s, and more about illegal immigrant trash!?! This new liberal ideology has to disappear, so the Country can heal, and revitalize itself!

  142. I’m surprised he just pull his side arm and just start executing them on the spot that’s the social norm with police in the USA

  143. Oh, really?

    The responding officers showed a crap ton of restraint. There was more than one instance in that video where lethal force could have been used, but the officers did not do so. Moreover, I guarantee you that we ARE taught to fight, and fight hard. Most of us also have military backgrounds, and some of those backgrounds are quite extensive as well.

    Here’s what you should take away from that video:
    Both officers kept their cool, despite having crossed the threshold for the use of lethal force on more than one occasion.
    Both officers used the absolute minimal force necessary to effect lawful arrest.

  144. Oh, really? While my intelligence can be subject to individual opinion, I must say that I am thrilled to meet someone who is an actual HIGH SCHOOL. Indeed, your prolific lack of use of proper punctuation, your misuse of present and past tense and the lack of a subjective clause in your puerile aphorisms mark you as a true institute of higher education! Moreover, I must say that I attended high school, business college and college to learn, not to garner the attention of the opposite sex.

    Cordially, (or perhaps not so cordially)

    Your friendly neighborhood law enforcement officer
    21 years in service
    Career Army Non-Commissioned Officer
    Married for almost 38 years.

  145. Those officers showed tremendous restraint. If the kids were 16 or older they should be tried as adults and the whole bunch should do serious felony time.

  146. Why were they getting arrested?
    Custodial interference (can be a felony, but probably was not in this case)
    Concealing a minor
    Obstruction of justice
    Assault on a peace officer (multiple counts, and multiple felonies)
    Resisting arrest

    And those were the charges I could see in the video. There could be more.


  148. The video definitely does not show the cops being combative as suggested above. Quite the OPPOSITE! If the perpetrators are not white then it’s racism and they are considered victims. That’s the new liberal USA! Don’t resist the police was the old rule of thumb despite your ethnicity.

  149. Dorma, absolutely none of that matters. The police were there to investigate all that. Clearly since they were still there, they had not finished their investigation. NO ONE has the right to interfere with an investigation (obstruction of justice), let alone using force (assault on a police officer).

    Even if the police are completely in the wrong, you do NOT have the right to obstruct or use force against them – fight it out in court, not the streets.

  150. The cop ordered the people to get back. They have an obligation to follow the orders.

    Also the law doesn’t make any difference between men and women. The woman broke the law so she got arrested.

  151. Dorma, it doesn’t matter. If a police officer tells you to get back you get back. They don’t know people and have to create a safe situation in order to do their job.

  152. I think the cops didn’t do is job they have the car they have everyone there . The police officer lost is temper and they didn’t the right way to calm everyone . People didn’t run away and they didn’t charge the officer before he want to hurt them. I think in this case both side was wrong but the officer was supposed to be more calm and not that way. Police officer are so crazy they always use the power of OFFICER and they make the law. they should just calm and block the car and wait everyone to cool down. The kids was crying the mom was worry about is son i will do the same think she did i will protect my son first. The world are getting crazy and the police officer are not here to protect us. I know that for a fact i didn’t do nothing wrong in my life . no criminal record and police stop you and they treat you like S…. I think this was not supposed to happen that way. This is my opinion and i know what Police Officer can do and a lots of time its Wrong but they use the power and always get free of the criminal act.

  153. It’s a sorry state that country has come to when people are blaming the cops simply because they are cops. You have NO IDEA what led up to this situation because the recording started after the fracas began. Bottom line: the cops went to investigate the report of a runaway teen being seen with this group of people. If she was listed as a runaway then these people did NOT have custody of her. That is called custodial interference and is a crime. These people then attacked the officers; another crime. They took the officer’s property; another crime. The cops were physically attacked and never pulled their guns. Given how many people have been shot after attacking cops (and the cops were acquitted of any wrongdoing), I think these officers deserve the recognition that even though there were well within their rights to use more force, they did not. There are plenty of cops out there that shouldn’t be on the force and in fact should be in jail for their actions, but these two are not in that category. Save your hatred for cops for the ones that actually deserve it and not the ones that are just doing their job.

  154. About three or four rounds to the face and deportation would not be needed and be funny as the he ll those pos dogs will be burning in!!

  155. the coat hanger scars from the botched abortion are showing you squat to pee punk!

  156. I believe a few well placed rounds would have completely straightened out this situation!!

  157. Hate to say it but that’s facts… and I’m white. It’s sad to see that people still don’t see it. They bring the race into it cause of the real things that happened to their people. I don’t think there’s any black person that was able to pull off what these people did and is still alive. Shit that kid got SHOT a bunch of times cause they THOUGHT he had a gun but it was his phone. And these people jumped the police and they don’t even get hurt??? And y’all still not fking see this shit??? That’s some bs!

  158. AGREE 100% – HOPE ALL FOUR GET SOME PRISON TIME. Maybe then they will evaluate their own behaviours. All they had to do was comply with the officers and I’m sure everyone would have gone home that night and cooled off. The videoer should have put the camera down and taken the child or children FROM the scene. She obviously wasn’t that concerned for kids or she’d have done something about it.

  159. No. Look at the video. You are completely wrong.

    The woman took the tazer from the police and after the police shouted to her to drop it she threw it to the ground. This can be seen about 1:05 into the video.

    The police was just doing his job. The people was not obeying and they were resisting. They are lucky none got shot. You need to wake up and realise that the police have authority over people.

  160. They did everything wrong. They didn’t move back when the police told them to. They didn’t move back when the police pulled his baton. They used physical force against the officers. The woman took the tazer from the police.

    The police were very calm for the situation. The people acted primitive.

  161. you are a complete moron. They were instructed to stand back. They didn’t obey. They put their hands on an officer..and that is considered assault. They are lucky they weren’t shot!!

  162. There were no roid-raging thugs with badges in this video. Just the police trying to so their job and a family acting to emotional and primitive. The family need to learn to respect the police and follow orders. They are lucky they didn’t get shot because the police had the legal right to do it when they pushed him against the glass door.

  163. if the daughter was a minor she doesnt have a choice in the matter of wether or not she wants to talk to her mom..she was a RUNAWAY. The cops were doing their job.

  164. That escalated fast. Cops could have prevented that whole incident by just approaching the situation a little more calmly until backup arrived and the numbers were a little more evened out. Perps would have been less likely to start brawling with an even numbered force. Looks like these officers have no conflict resolution training at all. Yelling “Get down on the ground” fifty times doesn’t diffuse the conflict at all. Ultimately if Cops show up and start pushing people around and yelling at them, People will fight back. It’s at a boiling point in this Country and it’s only going to get worse. Cops need to back off from the population and they need to do it fast.

  165. I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing or not doing, you don’t put your hands on an officer. Talk about them having to use de-escalate a skills? How about when they have to fight you? Don’t you think that ramps up the adrenaline a bit? Not to mention that those two were way outnumbered. Until the situation is calm and they can figure out who is who, every one is suspect. Why dont any of you keyboard jockeys ride along one shift with an officer then go home, get your pacifier and blanket and go to bed.

  166. Sounds kind of like the runaway daughter was being coerced into an arranged marriage or something. Strange stuff.

  167. Did they give this information of the mother on another story or how do you know any of this? And i didnt think 17 was no longer considered a minir and could leave home legally at that age.

  168. Why does everyone keep saying “deport them”, how do we know theyre from Mexico or here illegally?
    Ps im not being a smart ass, i truly would like to know.

  169. I am a Canadian and truly blown away. I watched this video and was mortified and not to mention shed some tears. I as a parent have a teenage daughter and have on multiple occasions experienced the ‘runaway ‘ from home. Every time it was her choice because ‘I have rights you know’ … she was not once coerced or held against her will. We were helpless and police told us unfortunately it’s out of our control.
    This video is a disgrace to all police officers and if you watched the video and Then I read the article you can clearly see holes in this story published. Shame on you and for anyone that thinks that violence is the answer. I am not condoning what these people did, but your first reaction is to whip out you’re baton and beat someone? To push a lady; a mother after she was handcuffed in front of children crying and screaming, to approach a teenager and mase him when all he did was pick the radio the police officer dropped??? How can anyone in their right mind think their behaviour was moral and ethical. In fact it is clear evident that these two police officers behaved in an unbecoming manner. The lack of respect for one human being to another, the social and communication skills were no where to be seen. I think this incident should be investigated and punished accordingly.

  170. I feel that the LEO’s were not forceful enough however acted appropriately with the way liberals are acting nowadays. Anyone commenting against the police are bitter over “unarmed police shootings “ or sharia law nonsense. Guess what when you fight, run away from or disrespect the police, THATS WHAT YOU GET. This is America we have our own laws, there is no sharia law here, if that displeases you then leave our country. If I was there I would’ve offered to assist those fine officers in distress.

  171. Cops opperate without impunity already thats what we need more cops beating people im glad they disarmed him he looked crazy he didnt know what to do he was mad and it was funny with out that badge and gun and tazer he was last he needs not be a cop

  172. Just deport them? For all you know they’re American citizens you ignorant fuck. Send them to jail and let the justice system deal with it.. oh wait that’s exactly what happened.

  173. The story was provided by the Police. —>> “Police told Channel 2 Action News on Monday”!
    That’s why the video and the narrative are not in sync. Now that the police have told their story, I will wait for this agency to gather the story from the other side.

  174. True those cops were mad because they didn’t get their way. A good cop could have calmed everyone down before it got crazy. Cops need more training. Some of them are sadists and love to hurt people. They were mean and made it worse. If I were there I would have tried to help the people.THE COPS WERE NOT PUSHED. THE MOMWAS TRYING TO PROTECT HER SON.

  175. That is true. Cops started pushing people around to show how powerful they are. They could have gotten a the girl and prevented this. Most of the people commenting are racist.

  176. Charge them all as adults, they assaulted an Officer responding to a missing person’s case. Stop being soft on this case! If their illegal, deport them!

  177. Civilized society is based on Law and Order, and when those men and women of Law & Order are attacked or hindered from performing their duties , the perpetrators are an enemy of civilization. Haven’t people seen some of the consequences of doing such things from all the news coverage of people getting shot by police officers? Those police officers have full right to maintain Law and Order and protect themselves using lethal force in that situation. And these people would deserve it because they are not being civilized people, and in the 21st century we do not have the luxury of allowing uncivilized people to multiply any further as it is now a significant amount of the population.

  178. Well said… Idiocy runs rampant online. I wish so many people would stop, and really think, before they would ever post a word. It shows the truth of how our educational system has allowed some truly ignorant people to slip between the cracks, without teaching them the basics of grammar, or common sense. Somebody must point out ignorance of others. Far too many people write opinions sounding like they must have the intellect of a little, uneducated Kindergartner.

  179. One word you might understand: “WOW” If above is an example of your thinking, comprehension, and ability to execute and share your idea with others, then you have epically failed every Language Arts class you’ve ever taken.

    Police officers are also Peace Officers, paid for by public tax dollars, just as TEACHERS are in the public-school system. They are only capable of doing their job, as well as the public cooperates, and interacts with those officers. Criminals never see the wrong they do when being arrested, do they? Because they don’t believe in the laws of our country, and how those laws apply to them personally.

    Food for thought: Your poor under-paid teachers could only teach you, what you were willing to learn from them…. Apparently, that was nothing you should feel compelled to share with others. Then again, maybe your ignorance you are proud to show off to the world.

  180. God bless this family….. haha!!! Did you watch the video??? They pushed the officers , graded his taser gun and were fighting all the way.. he had the crazy lady in hand cuffs and she got up… they need to be locked up for a long time… they are holding a 16 year old girl and not letting her mom communicate with her!!! How would you feel if your kid ran away!!! Lock these people up and give these cops guns not takers!!!

  181. True, but they still are anyway. If you think these people won’t sue the city, department and these cops in court, I have a bridge to sell ya.

  182. Yeah, WTF, we should just all do what we want without law and order right? Did you even read the article as to WHY they were there? F’in moron

  183. God bless this family….. haha!!! Did you watch the video??? They pushed the officers , graded his taser gun and were fighting all the way.. he had the crazy lady in hand cuffs and she got up… they need to be locked up for a long time… they are holding a 16 year old girl and not letting her mom communicate with her!!! How would you feel if your kid ran away!!! Lock these people up and give these cops guns not takers!!!

  184. The police were absolutely correct in placing these people under arrest. They were harboring a minor girl without parental consent. Her mother has every right to press charges for kidnapping. As for him being against women……give me a break. She deserved being arrested and if anyone acted in the way that she did they should be arrested too! Both police officers are not “such a loser of man”. They serve their community with courage and compassion. If they did not have compassion, they would have drawn their guns and made believers out of this group of people. Instead they tried to stop the escalation of the situation.

  185. Oops meant to say Jonestown shit, not columbine shit. Damn these shootings got me messed up.

  186. Agreed. The police officer was attacked, when he was pushed into the glass. No law allows this to happen. No citizen is allowed to interfere with a police investigation. People are supposed to act like rational human beings. Citizens are supposed to obey the law, respect and cooperate with officers of law enforcement. You don’t argue with them. You answer their questions. You stay calm. Police officers respond accordingly, when private citizens behave in a disorderly manner. These people in question, who were handcuffed, didn’t respond to police in a normal manner… Unfortunately, the people of their so-called church wasn’t too concerned about the young children present either, or else they would have taken good measure to speak peaceably, and not show children how you attack law enforcement. Nice lesson to teach children. Are some of the people responding on here mentally ill? Some keep referring to God’s people… I’m Baptist, and sorry, but we God believing people, are peaceful law abiding people who knows what RESPECT for our God, Country, and Laws mean. God Bless the men who are willing to put their lives on the line daily. (God Bless all our public servants who puts themselves in danger to protect or save others!)

  187. Jason are you retarded? First of all you have a very esoteric vocabulary, I say this because you have 0 grammar skills and seem to be a anarchist try-hard with your strange vocabulary skills . If it was you in that position, where you were ordered by your boss to investigate a report of a child who was abducted (by multiple people over the age of 17) and the abductors tried to pin you down, are you honestly telling me you wouldn’t have shot them to save your own life?

    Then the police arrived to investigate this…
    Then, THEY TEAMED-UP ON THE COP AND STOLE HIS WEAPONS AND RADIO(which is his only way to get backup)….
    These cops are HEROES… I would have NEVER put up with this shit….
    That one dude got: put in a choke-hold, slammed into a door, strongarmed by 4 criminals, theft of weapon, theft of radio, and attacked numerous times when he told them to stop and he told them “YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW”…

    These people do not deserve to get off easy… who the fuck attacks a cop????
    They both seem like decent people for not shooting the fuck outta these people… I have morals and I would have curb-stomped these MUTHAF***ERs

  188. From what is shown the policeman should have called for more help and had someone from social services and a translator there. He really lost it and all control. He treated the woman with no respect even after he handcuffed her. There was no need to shove her at any time. There is probably a lot of blame to go around – police and others. But the officer lost control and should have stepped back before everything escalated. This is a shame and he should be held accountable for the failure to handle the issues. The police are suppose to use good judgement in all situations and it would appear he didn’t do a good job here. True the others did not help but it does not show if any communication was even tried but that may not have been filmed. Still does not matter as a stop should have been called and more help should have been requested. There is no excuse for disrespect from anyone here.

  189. All this fake crying throughout videos is an attempt to gain sympathy. Those officers tried to be as easy on these people as possible. He missed a few good wacks because he held himself back. They all should have had their skulls cracked including the females. They have no business here if they can’t speak the language and abide by the law.

  190. The video doesn’t show what happened before the altercation and the report was one sided, the officer’s side. They were told by a woman that they ilegally had her daughter. Do we know how the officers approached the family? Do we know if the mother wasn’t just lying and these people do have custody of her daughter? Do we know how it all started? No, we know nothing except that they were all scared and trying to protect their family were the civilians wrong in how they dealt with the situation, probably but we weren’t they and we don’t know. These last few years have brought such bad blood between the police force and every day citizens, such that people are scared to death of cops and fear that they or their families are going to be killed for the smallest thing. I have always taken the sides of the officer but the more I see things the less I am willing to always have their backs. I believe that if you are innocent, then you should just remain quiet, allow the police to do what needs to be done and then when it comes out that it was a mistake or you just take responsibility for your actions then everything is going to be ok. But that’s not how it always works anymore and how do private citizens know who are the good cops and who are the bad. My son is a very light skinned Hispanic, Hispanic need the less. So when some officers see him driving his high end car, wearing expensive suits and looking so young since he’s only 23, they assume he’s up to no good. What they don’t see is a kid that was making jewelry at 8 and selling it to buy Christmas gifts for his younger siblings, or the fact that he works managiing sales reps at a reputable car dealership working 70 hour weeks to make that money to afford what he has. Why do we need to educate our kids on how to respond to cops other than to be respectful, like they’ve been taught all their lives? This country is in ruins and it’s not one sided, nothing is going to change unless we all do it together, immediately.

  191. I feel he should have drawn his gun. These are violent people and deportations aren’t the solution as they only slither back here. They were threatening his life, those boys especially and should have been shot

  192. Its pretty easy to comment without knowing the real story?
    Maybe the daughter ran away from her mom and seek shelter from the church?
    Then again. To not corperate with the feds is still wrong.

  193. Some of you are just plain stupid. Plain and simple, if an officer tells you to comply, then you do exactly as they say. This is exactly how people get shot and they had justification to do so. They are luckily these officers kept calm and didn’t go into attack mode. No one got shot, I praise those officers for there professionalism. Again some of you dumb asses are just race baiters and are the problem with this country.

  194. 1) In case you all didn’t know the majority of immigrants to the US were Germans then Russians (will have to be conservative on immigration in other ways). In a Republic the first & last citizen is under the same law (shouldn’t matter if you are a religious person, the president, rich person, sociopath CEO, or homeless person). Meritocracies (there will always be biases but can be minimized) are the best (have to not be lazy & take your time for a decent enough analysis even if humans are bad at making rational decisions -still better than the other living things with a brain-, geniuses definitely come from all over the world).

    2) Now you understand why the teenage girl ran away from her family.

    3) If illegal immigrants do not comply with the law (even if it’s something minor like this) then they should definitely get deported. You also need to find a way to get illegal immigrants & other people to pay taxes (budget still sucks & there are only idealistic plans to deal with it, nobody can agree to budget cuts… law enforcement is probably already on a very tight budget). For immigration if people do not have some very valuable skills then you could give them cognitive tests like an IQ test (if there was a test for emotional intelligence then that should be the best).

  195. If you watch the video the ministers wife did not point the Razer at the office.
    She dropped it once she got it out of his hands.
    Still if they would have listened and backed up as instructed this could have been avoided.

  196. Not true. Just because someone is not of the same opinion or political view as you does not make them “whiney little snowflakes”. After reading the whole story, which is what everyone should do before jumping to conclusions, I also believe the police officers were correct in their behavior. Unfortunately many will not go to the full story and just assume that the police were right no matter what the situation..

  197. The child was not abducted. Please read again more carefully. The child was a runaway attending church with a friend or boyfriend and his family. She may have been staying with them but that does not make them kidnappers.

  198. They may be US citizens. As far as I know we are still free to practice whatever religion we wish.

  199. Sorry, Russians only made a small population of the early immigration to the US… The US is still definitely mostly Germanic & the largest group is German. It’s irrelevant now & lazy.

  200. Not necessarily. It does not say how old the girl is. At a certain age she could be considered an emancipated minor. The officers were correct in their actions, however not usually kidnapping. The right thing for this family to do in the beginning was to contact the local child welfare agency when this girl arrived at their home. She may have told them some story of abuse or something that made them want to take her in. No one will ever know the WHOLE story.

  201. You guys all suck, police are here to protect and serve not scare and harm
    Your privileged to be white and from that you will never understand how scary it is to be another race in this country.
    Those babies watching will always fear the police now.
    Stand together or you get the fuck out of this country, I wish those who believe this is justice to be sterilized so you don’t infect this country with more bigot spawns
    This was a disgusting display of a terrible situation where yet again a officer let’s the country down.

  202. Jason if someone is retarded here i assure you , it is you – get off your high horse with your delusions of grandeur – you speak of lexicon and grammar skills yet chose to finish with i would curb-stop these ****** , i need to ponder if this is more sad or pathetic ? –

    the truth of the this matter is that we witness another prime example of excess force by under trained police officer who simply did not know how to deal with a given situation

    we had too many of these prime example in the last 2 years only due to social media – the amount of police brutality that has gone unnoticed prior must be staggering , but we will never know the true extend of the abuse .

    yes the officer were responding to a missing person report , but anyone with haft a brain would cast a shadow of a doubt over claims that a minster and his children were involved in … what ?

    human trafficking ?

    and where is this so-called mother who by her own account said the minister had legal claims ( with she denies he does indeed hold ) of the guardianship of said minor – absent from the scene of course .

    it is not conceivable that maybe the child was there by her own free volition & will and that the minister had indeed guardianship rights ?

    could no one have spoken to the said child – a mere minute with it would of ended all debate – but no , the officer chose to proceed with force .

    It is not the place of the officer to assume the allegation as pure convictions and proceed to detain a minister while his wife films him BEGGING please why are you doing this – AS HIS KIND CRY IN THE BACKGROUND

    is this the image of a child trafficking ring to you – if so , then you sir are dumb deaf and blind

  203. i agree they should all be deported – i mean the descendants of the British occupants , you do realize you are immigrant in these lands – correct ?

    those people seem like descendant of native american , from the Aztec to the Incas , they are the only true people who can claim these lands as their own – so please stop your bigotry and go read a book , a history one preferably

  204. The officer did not handle this well , but neither did he overly abuse – he was trying to be calm and collected – but failed

    what do you expect for a job that starts at 28k a year ? ( i looked it up )

    and i do realize how mean my comments may sound , because for better or worse there are a LOT of decent cops out there….

    but god help them and their lack of training / poor tactic when dealing with the general population

    ultimately its the failing of the state and government who oversees their training

    and i say this with all the love i have for the police , they have a terrible job both thankless and dangerous .

    but i am sorry , nothing excuses brutality and excess force – NOTHING – PERIOD

  205. Good to see someone with some sense this post had deteriorated into an English lesson thus avoiding the whole point, This was to portray a Cop facing what could have been a very dangerous situation he acted with restraint in not using a firearm and tried to keep the situation contained until help could arrive and assist in the arrest of Lawbreakers.

  206. Good to see someone with some sense this post had deteriorated into an English lesson thus avoiding the whole point, This was to portray a Cop facing what could have been a very dangerous situation he acted with restraint in not using a firearm and tried to keep the situation contained until help could arrive and assist in the arrest of Lawbreakers.

  207. Here’s another one, my God. “Makes all the drama goes watchable even better?” I’m pretty sure people aren’t raised right, or made it to high-school these days. REALLY makes me wonder…
    That’s 2 dumb-ass comments I’ve read in a row…

  208. Mrs Sandra Lewis…you’re college educated?? That’s a joke..you cannot even complete a single syllable coherent sentence..you’re one of the reasons this country is in the awful shape that it is in… YOU do not attack police officers..

  209. The police showed great restraint in not getting violent with these lawbreakers.

  210. Now that will be something to see, especially since they were the ones who took the video!! It would have to come under the Bozo of the day!!!

  211. Okay. Another keyboard hero. A call where you have multiple parties that can turn on you,is dangerous. Unless you’ve fought 3-4 or more men at one time,shut up. I know what I can do and they got it easy. Down here in Clayco,there wouldn’t have been any of that.

  212. NoneYou people dont understand Spanish. They were begging him to stop . The one kids picked up the radio to give it back. The police in Georgia are extra mean to hispanics. For your kind information not all hispanics are illegal. Not all hispanics or illegals are from Mexico. Get the facts. Educate dont hate. Learn Spanish. It makes me sick that everyone is quick tyo jump . There begging the police to stop. The boys were defending tgere mother. The father his wife.
    I dont commend these people on tgere behavior its wrong. But you people who don’t understand Spanish dont see the truth. Only the officer being an anal ass .
    Every coin has 2 sides. The police are not always correct.
    And opinions are like a-holes everyone has an opinion but be educated on both sides.

  213. Jason Weiss I’m with you and to the fuck tards that like to put people down by stating grammar and spelling SHAME on you. What does it make you feel superior or just a little bit smarter
    C.Ellert didn’t mummy and daddy give you enough praise as a child. Ignorance is lack of education so educate yourself or are you to educated to understand what I’m saying lol

  214. Billy boy isn’t assumption or opinions what everybody seems to do?? I’m pretty sure that most jump to a fucking conclusion and elaborate a paragraph with their opinion. In their opinion includes them thinking that they know the situation truly and what the officer believes and think and what the humans also think in this situation. That is absolutely amazing that people now can read minds and be in the scene and generate an opinion like if they were there so amazing. NO. Bullshit like my professor says. I come on the internet for 2mins and everybody has the audacity to comment anything in the real world these comments are call rumors for those internet addicted ones. Yes you bitch reading this that’s you get a life. Man wtf was having a good day. Not anymore I guess. This is why I stick to camp chat an de insta.

  215. And, Riley, please explain to me why baby mamas don’t teach they chirruns not to confront or fight with the police? For that matter, they baby daddies….., Oh, wait, nobody ever has a clue who the baby daddy is or where he might be. Zat about right?

  216. The cops could easily have diffused that situation but no, he had to play John Wayne. Probably picked on as a kid now he’s hiding behind a badge to be a man.

  217. Ya, can you imagine if the cops were L.A.P.D?(Los Angeles) The cops there, shoot first and ask questions later. These cops could have lost their lives, if these people wanted their gun, there was nothing he was gonna do about it. These cops let this get way out of hand, more training is an understatement…lol


  219. As soon at the group attacked, I think they both would have been justified to draw their weapons. I suggest they showed great restraint by not doing so.

  220. You know it is BS that it can be said, “You are NOT an adult and can not vote…oh, but you can be TRIED AS AN ADULT when you are NOT an adult”

    Damn double-edged sword that is swung in whatever direction government wants.

  221. abducted? how do you know that? the only thing you know is that she was there with another boy…. dont you think she ran away to be with that boy? Perhaps they are religious fanatics, but if you are at least a tad honest with yourself you will admit that they do not look like criminals, and are probably not.
    If you are so proud of your english skills perhaps you should not say “a anarchist” its “an anarchist”, but what do I know… im not native english…
    “I have morals and I would have curb-stomped these MUTHAF***ERs” are you out of your mind??????
    Would you really kill a father, mother sons, infront of 4-8 years old kids??? and even if you wouldnt have any moral issue with that (you have morals… wtf) would you do that infront of other “good white law abiding” citizens?
    Honestly Im not crazy about the idea of blaming these policemen either. He had no idea how to handle the situation. I dont even think he wanted to harm them. He found himself in the middle of two cultures clashing, where one side thought they did good accepting an underage girl into their family, and the other side where it is illegal to do so…

  222. Do not neglect the most obvious part of what transpired. No matter the reasoning, you can not place your hands on a law officer..period.
    Once they fought back, they were all going to jail.

  223. funny you should say that…. have you ever experienced that your life is worth less then the ones you share a nation with? Probably it is harder for some to GET A LIFE when it is so easily TAKEN AWAY.

  224. I would of Tasered the whole lot of them kit would be a Shocking experience for them.

  225. they were asked to step back they didn’t comply then started pushung the cops had and have the right to defend them selves and do there job if you live in this country or want to live here you too must OBEY the laws the same as everyone else when ask to step back give them room shut your mouth and they will get to you and your side of the story step up and them you get what you deserve.they asaulted they officers they all should go to jail’ i believe these officers showed great restrant took alot more then they should have’

  226. What a liberal idiot, Peggy. The police should not have to handle anyone with kid gloves or beg them to obey their instructions. They should have used their tasers, billy clubs & guns – in that order. These people were displaying gang mentality and the police officers should have done anything possible to stop the actions. You don’t grab policemen or there equipment without consequences – the safety of the officers should have been the priority. The police put their lives on the line everyday and you think they should have treated them more nicely. They should have forced them to the ground and cuffed them with any amount of force necessary. Liberal like you are absolutely ruining this nation.

  227. This police officer actually did what he was trained to do, and more. He showed more restraint than the average person at WalMart. My man hates cops with a passion!!!!! Even he said the police officer did the right thing in restraining himself.

  228. Any cop in jersey would have slammed every single one of them with no back up lol you guys need to hit he weight room

  229. Oh no buddy those cops aren’t getting in trouble, those people are in BIG trouble, lol. They assaulted a police officer, felony charges pal, haha. I’m so glad that family is locked up with no bail, that’s what they get for acting foolish and trying to fight those fine officers, who btw showed immeasurable restraint.

  230. You and your thought process are what’s wrong with this world….believing these officers are losers and basically saying that they are poor excuses of men because they are “against women”is absurd! The video suggested no such thing, that woman continuously broke the law by interfering with police efforts, she also disarmed and assaulted an officer! That is against the law. Man or woman, if you act unlawfully, you will suffer the consequences…the law doesn’t spare women from the consequences of their actions, nor should it. The officers were 100% in the right and actually went a little too easy on this group of criminals (yes, criminals for harbouring a minor, maybe even kidnapping, not to mention the resisting arrest, assaulting and disarming officers). The officers were more than fair, and I’m hoping these criminals face tough punishment as they need to learn to respect the law of the land and the officers that serve!

  231. Cops shoot unarmed folks and prosecutors from coast to coast let them go free.. Wall Street bankers fleece millions an no one goes to jail.. Facebook spies on users and illegally shares data and everyone is still celebrated…Woman uses a provisional ballot to vote in an election unaware her past felony conviction barred her and she’s looking at 5 years.What did these people in the video actually do that warranted the Police acting like assholes

  232. I checked the story out and IN FACT they had legal custody of the 17 year old girl who was taken away from her mom because the mom was abusing her.So it is the cops who were out of line and should all be fired for not contacting social services to see what the TRUTH as.All you ignorant racists don’t know how to use the brain in your head to seek out the TRUTH

  233. sounds like a bunch of cops protecting cops on here. When they use lethal force we can do the same dam thing so think about what your puting out into the world it will come back on you

  234. cops are abusive and have no clue how to de-escalate a situation. Stop putting high school dropouts on the damn police force. Stop making the police force full of white males who used to get sand kicked in there faces when they were younger. Had those people been white it would never have happened- Oh and NO BAIL????
    I no murderers who got bail! No bail? who was killed?

  235. You got that right I initially thought it was a bad fake LOL, the cops were completely NOT in control of the situation!

  236. The cops are wrong and this story is complete bullshit! Don’t ever tell me u went to retrieve a runaway from some one without back up and at the same time if the run away is of age they had no right to go into the ministers car at all. The only reason this turned into a issue is because the cops were plan wring and chose to be bullies instead of properly handle the situation!

  237. Probably the initial approach was not filmed yet…therefore kindly grow some additional braincells…just because you didn’t see it on the film doesn’t mean there was a violation on count of the officers.
    The officers should have handled it better on count of them beimg outnumbered from the start!

  238. I’ll lay you an odd that the DA ends up having to drop most of the charges in light of the video and the civil suit these people file.
    The cops right or wrong foolishly allowed the situation to get completely out of their control. Their behavior was highly unprofessional and at least some of the charges are outright lies by the one cop.
    And why? He had multiple serious charges against the three actors without lying about what happened or dragging in an otherwise non participant.
    This is absolutely one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of how not to be a good cop. And how to get yourself dead as a cop.

  239. Probably the initial approach was not filmed yet…therefore kindly grow some additional braincells…just because you didn’t see it on the film doesn’t mean there was a violation on count of the officers.
    The officers should have handled it better on count of them beimg outnumbered from the start!

  240. Sandra apparently you are a total fail…your parents surely are delighted to see how “intelligent” you grew!
    Be ashamed very ashamed!

  241. You have zero morals.
    These people were confrontational but not violent. These cops were in the right but calling their procedures and behavior piss poor would be an undue compliment.
    They are incredibly lucky they are not both dead.
    As for you, you should never be a cop and neither should anyone with your attitude toward human life.
    They are called peace officers for a reason. Killing a citizen should be the last thing on their minds…..

  242. Ya exactly where’s the cops using force when hey need to throw a beat down… These ones especially need training holy

  243. These ppl should have been clubbed down as soon as they put their hands on the cops… And if that bitch was so concerned about the kids then she should have taken them out of the scene instead of videoing. They’re lucky I’m not a cop in that situation lol… Deport these mfers

  244. Who cares what happened before the video started… As soon as they put their hands on the cops the cops should have beat them down with their batons and not stopped until they gained control of the situation… End of story. 10 kids could have been illegal and abducted and Sally sue could have glass shards in her eyes.. it doesn’t matter as soon as they put their hands on he cops nothing else matters… And if the bitch was concerned about he kids she would have gotten them out of their… Not videoing lol…they needed a good old fashioned Rodney King beat down… Because that shit would have been justified.

  245. Madam, you are a basic moron. You and your kind are what’s wrong with this country. What’s wrong with you? Were you dating a cop who broke up with you because you were too basic? Did he discover that there were more intelligent and far more interesting women? Maybe it was just the fact that you’re so unattractive that maybe the cop you liked didn’t look your way.

  246. Thank you. We are all much dumber for having read this ignorant garbage. You have NO room to criticize ANYONE with those grammar and spelling skills. The first person in history to use English as a second language without having a first.

  247. truth, some of these people. Complete idiots. Ignorant and they’re kids will b taught the same things… this country is screwed.

  248. Because they’re ignorant and think how they FEEL is fact & law. IT’S NOT, IT’S YOUR OPINION. JUST BECAUSE YOU FEEL A CERTIN WAY DOES NOT MAKE IT FACT

  249. Thank you, these comments make me feel like our country is fucked. The idiots really believe they have the right 2 do as they please & reguardless of the FACTS( NOT FEELINGS) don’t care it’s fuck America & there laws were being discriminated on.. pathetic

  250. That cop showed great restraint, he was going for his gun but used pepper spray instead and that made that kid cry like a bitch. Good job officer!!!

  251. If they were black they would have all been dead upon the cops arrival, so training is not the problem. They know better than to shoot anything with silky hair who can past the brown paper bag test. Further, hand to hand combat stop being part of a cops repertoire once the gave them high powered guns. You see they believe guns make you safe so there is no need to learn any other type of defense techniques.

  252. Sorry but this is not a movie . People are killed every day by police officers but In this case no one was fatally shot. Hats off to the officer . job well done.

  253. Okay, after watching the above video and reading the article, as well as several of the posts, I have the following observations to make. The missing minor child was seen in the car owned by the preacher. Police came an investigated, and were met with a minister, his wife , family and some of his congregation. The wife grabbed a taser out of the hands of one of the officers, the resisted arrest. This in turn caused the minister to jump in defense of his wife, albeit wrongfully so. He got arrested as well after resisting. Then the couple’s two sons got involved, taking away a firearm and a taser from an officer, then pinning him against the building. This led to them being arrested as well. Now let me give a rundown of the possible crimes they can be charged with- assaulting a law enforcement officer. Stealing police equipment. Possession of stolen property, resisting arrest. Kidnapping (yes, even if they did not kidnap the girl, they can be charged with kidnapping), and unlawful detention (again, for the girl). All in all these idiots are facing long prison sentences if the book is thrown at them. IF. They are quite lucky the officer did not pull his trigger (unless he is the Barney Fife of the dept and only has a single bullet loaded). Now there is also a kicker here. If these people are not citizens, and are here on green cards or visas, they can be deported legally. That is if they are convicted

  254. Maybe if they would of talk to ppl read them their right it would not hav gotten this far couse only God knows how this minur got to this pastors car couse the girl aint even wona get out when police got their theirs 2side of the storry and I’m not saying they did right but they not wrong eather

  255. BigTeinOne gets it. joseph Swan accurately showed his lack of attentiveness. You miss the woman grabbing the taser while he was being held Swan?? Stupid games win stupid prizes. I can’t believe no one won the grand prize here.. Amazing restraint shown by these officers.

  256. So YOUR moral of the story is “when people get loud and disruptive/physical/noncompliant with police, the police should go take a time out(‘stop’ as you call it)”….. W.O.W. You are a special kind of stupid! This congregation should be very thankful that their poor decisions and actions didn’t result in someone’s death. It could have gone that way very easily and the officers would’ve been completely justified.
    And why should have the officers brought a translator? or a social services workers? Do they detain runaways now? I heard a lot of English being spoken, I didn’t hear any Arabic.
    Try to look at this without the “hindsight is 20/20” mentality. Seriously.
    Maybe you want a society where we police ourselves Peggy. Ever read Lord of the Flies???

  257. Idk where you’re from but where I live, you can’t leave home at 17 unless if you get emancipated

  258. Out of all the comments this is by far the most open minded and proper remark. My whole family was in all branches of the military now officers of all sorts after retiring. I’m glad they were more restrained on using fully forced harm (their guns). But you’re right if that girl was taken then she most likely would be happy cops are there to save her and her out of the car. Two sides to every story.

  259. You have a great eye in observing the real facts. That’s exactly what I saw.. maybe talking to people before yelling GET BACK! or GET ON THE GROUND! had solve the problem. They were not animals, cops should have use their heads and not their force to calm those people.. In my country police investigates first and then act with caution not like this (with tasers and yelling). This was just unprofessional from a law enforcement person.