December 8, 2022

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Firefighter Arrested After Ramming Cop Car and Calling Troopers Nazis

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According to arrest reports and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, A Boston firefighter was arrested Thursday night after purposefully crashing into a state police vehicle and calling troopers “Nazis.”

According to the arrest reports and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the firefighter also failed a field sobriety test.

According to the DA’s office, This is the Quincy resident’s second arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence.

According to a report by WCVB and the fire department, 64-year-old Sean Ingram had been scheduled to retire at 5 p.m on Friday due to him reaching the mandatory retirement age, but due to the incident, he  Instead, he spent part of his day in court before being released on $500 bail.

In an arrest report, Trooper Brendan Murphy notes he first pulled the firefighter over on the Expressway, where he had noticed damage on Ingram’s front bumper.

Murphy wrote that he instructed Ingram to pull off the highway and then returned to his own vehicle.

Murphy also noted that the 64-year-old sped away at a high speed swerving between lanes before he exited onto Gallivan Boulevard where he stopped in front of a Walgreens. Ingram then reversed his vehicle accelerated into the front of Murphy’s cruiser.

“I asked Ingram if he was okay,” Murphy wrote. “Ingram shouted, ‘No,’ and began yelling how I rear-ended him. I explained to him that he reversed into my cruiser, which he intensely called me a loser and began to become belligerent.”

The officer said he requested a supervisor and stepped away from Ingram when the other troopers arrived at the scene.

“When I reached the open window, I immediately detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage,” Sgt. Kevin Murray wrote in his report on the arrest.

Ingram was “very belligerent” and began “raising his voice and swearing” when questioned about the incident, Murray noted.

Ingram said to Murray that he’d just attended the Bruins hockey game that evening and he had consumed some alcohol, the trooper wrote.

After troopers finally got him out of the vehicle and gave him the field sobriety tests, Ingram allegedly continued to behave even more belligerently.

“He continued to swear at us and began calling us ‘Nazis,'” Murray wrote. “He also expressed his dislike of the Mass. State Police.”

The Troopers reported that they had to work together to get the resistant Ingram into handcuffs.

Ingram is charged with operating under the influence, leaving the scene of a collision causing property damage, assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest.

“The Boston Fire Department takes these allegations very seriously. We will monitor this situation as it is adjudicated through the court system and take the appropriate action if and when it is necessary,” Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn said in a written statement.


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