January 20, 2022

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Here are the companies you can switch to #StandWithLauraIngraham

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David Hogg resorted to his usual bullying this week when he called for the boycott of Fox News host  Laura Ingraham’s advertisers, over remarks she made about him not being accepted into college.

Was it really that bad? of course not, Hogg is just a typical leftist snowflake that cannot be talked about without him having a meltdown.

We Stand with Laura, not Hypocrite Hogg


Hypocrite Hogg who preaches about bullying while attacking and doxing everyone he doesn’t like, made such a big deal, he managed to get 12 advertisers to cave, yes, you read that right, adults caved into a child’s crybaby tactics.

Well, we #StandWithLauraIngraham, and you can too.

Thanks to TruePundit here is a list of companies you can alternatively use instead of the ones that support hypocrite Hogg:

These TWELVE companies have caved to Hogg’s demands:

Call and tag them on social media to let them know they MUST either GO BACK to advertising with Laura or you won’t be supporting their business again EVER. 

Wayfair: Twitter, Facebook, 1-844-347-0513

Liberty Mutual: Twitter, Facebook, 1 (888) 398-8924

TripAdvisorTwitter, Facebook 1(781) 800-5000

ExpediaTwitter, Facebook, 1-800-319-4834

Jenny Craig: Twitter, Facebook, 1-866-706-4042.

NestleTwitter, Facebook, 1 (800) 225-2270

Jos A BankTwitter, Facebook, 1-800-285-2265

Office Depot: Twitter, Facebook, 1 (800) 463-3768

HuluTwitter, Facebook, 1 (888) 265-6650

Johnson & JohnsonTwitter, Facebook, 1 (800) 526-3967

Stitch FixTwitter, Facebook

Rachel Ray’s NutrishTwitter, Facebook,  1 (800) 219-2558

Now, if you really want to hit these companies where it hurts, start using their competitors!

Here are the Nestle brands you can avoid on your next shopping trip:

Johnson & Johnson:

TruePundit makes a valid point,  focus on buying the generic versions of these products from companies like Nestle and Johnson & Johnson, or better yet, support P&G products.

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