December 8, 2021

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MSM BLACKOUT as an army of 1,500 illegals are marching towards the U.S.

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A group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras or People Without Borders have organized a caravan of children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras, to reach the United States.

However, this is not just a group of family members or some isolated, organized clan. This is an army.

MSM Blackout!

For some reason there is a mainstream media blackout on this story, CNN amongst other outlets are ignoring it, but not BuzzFeed,  Instead, Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores is cheering them on and talking about their “struggle.”

Flores is tweeting out he’s on a lengthy trek through all of Mexico with the army of migrants, who clearly pose as a potential national security crisis for the United States, which one could think this would be cause for raising the alarm.

Known as the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the march to Mexico began on March 25 in the state of Chiapas and is expected to reach Tijuana in just under a month, where the group is apparently going to request refugee status from the U.S. government.

More than 1,500 are marching towards the U.S.

While it’s reported that the group is made up primarily of more than 1,500 individuals who could be considered undocumented by Mexican authorities, officials have stepped aside and backed off, Mexico’s El Universal reported. Additionally, the group is thankful to local governments in various rural communities in southern Mexico for helping the caravan by providing them with transportation, food, and other aid.

Reports have said that the group is convinced they can just simply apply for refugee status or asylum when they arrive. Which they actually can apply, but that doesn’t mean by any account that they will be accepted on that basis.

This army of “Viacrucis Migrante 2018” are currently moving across Mexico “without authorization” as Flores loosely puts it (translated to “illegally”) is hoping to overwhelm the resources of U.S. immigration officials and are prepared to cross the border illegally if the opportunity arises.

Many are making the prediction that if Mexico actually allows this to happen with no intercession they won’t be welcome with such a friendly reception from the State Department and the White House.

This push toward the U.S. border comes as the Trump administration has battled with the Mexican government over their leniency when it comes to dealing with drug cartels, border security, and the payment of the border wall.


1 thought on “MSM BLACKOUT as an army of 1,500 illegals are marching towards the U.S.

  1. Now that I have read the entire article I do have some questions for you.

    1. What is the “potenial National Security Crisis” that this group of migrants pose? As per your article, they are crossing through Mexico, got it. They are going to ask for asylum, got it. While I did catch your point that they can ask for asylum but there is not guarantee that any of them will be accepted into the asylum program.
    2. In the last sentence of the article you speak to the ongoing struggle with the White House and Mexico when dealing with the drug cartels and border security, then you add this “and payment of the border wall”. Ok and what makes you think that Mexico in any ways owes for a border wall? The statement as you wrote it, makes it seem that Mexico has an outstanding debt to the US for a border wall, where that is no where near accurate.

    I look foward to hearing your response.

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