September 21, 2021

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North Carolina mother outraged after son sent home with ‘white privilege’ pamphlet

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North Carolina, Raleigh resident, Amber Pabon is outraged after her second-grade eight-year-old son was sent home with a pamphlet on white privilege.

Amber Pabon told WTVD she found the two-sided pamphlet detailing white privilege in her son’s folder after he returned home from Hunter Magnet Elementary in Raleigh, North Carolina last month.

On one side of the document, it discusses white representation in government, the military, media, and education. On the other, it lists examples of white privilege in society.

“I think the message itself is inappropriate because yes there is racism out here, and they need to learn about it. But let the parents do that,” Pabon said. “Because like I said, if she’s teaching him the way she knows, it could be completely different from the way I know. And me being part of the black community, I know different from how the white community sees it.”

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