October 28, 2021

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Police Forcibly Drag Angry Unhinged Democratic Candidate From Stage

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Brookfield, CT – Police officers had to drag a candidate for governor of Connecticut off a debate stage on Monday night. (video below)

Police in Brookfield arrested Lynn Whitnum, a Democratic candidate after she would not leave a debate stage she was not invited to participate in the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee Gubernatorial Forum.

The debate was held at Brookfield High School on April 9.

Lynn Whitnum showed up and took a seat on the stage, the Hartford Courant reported, the 57-year-old then refused to leave when she was asked.

Officials from the event politely asked Whitnum to leave the stage, but she refused and claimed she had worked “very, very hard” and had filed all her paperwork to run for governor.

“I am a declared Democratic candidate. I have every right to be here. I filed my paperwork a year ago,” Whitnum said.

The other candidates eventually got up from their seats one by one and left the stage, then a Brookfield police officer approached the angry Democrat who still refused to leave the table.

The video below shows the officer bending over to speak into the angry woman’s ear in an effort to get her to leave the stage quietly. But that did not work.

“I will not be Wasserman-Schultzed by you, ma’am. I will not be Wasserman-Schultzed. Now you sit down, and let me do my job,”

As two officers tried to unseat her from the table, Whitnum screamed at the chair of the Brookfield County Democratic Party, Whitnum then leaned across the table and clung onto it, but officers were eventually able to get her off it, as the video shows.

The 57-year-old continued to babble on and dropped herself to the floor as officers tried to remove her from the stage, making even more of a scene than she already was.

Police were able to eventually remove the angry unhinged gubernatorial candidate from the high school in handcuffs, she was arrested on charges of second-degree breach of peace and simple trespass, the Hartford Courant report states.

Local Democrats seem to want nothing to do with Lynn Whitnum who is claiming to be a member of their group.

“We’re a big tent party, we invite people from all walks of life to participate in our Party and the electoral process,” Connecticut Democratic State Party Chairman Nick Balletto told the Hartford Courant.

“But based on Lee Whitnum’s behavior tonight, and based on her behavior in the past, it’s clear that Lee Whitnum should not hold elected office and does not represent the Democratic Party, nor should she participate in Party functions on a local or statewide level,” Balletto said.


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