September 21, 2021

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David Hogg gets a book deal

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David Hogg gets a book deal

David Hogg Book Deal – Parkland shooting survivor and bully extraordinaire David Hogg has nabbed himself a book deal on the making of #NeverAgain movement.

His younger sister, Lauren Hogg has also got herself in there as well, she will chronicle the Valentine’s Day Shooting and how they — along with other students — aimed to stop gun violence.

The book #NeverAgain is scheduled to be released June 5

Hogg, announced the book on his Twitter account saying he and his 14-year-old sister will be sharing the story of “this movement for those we lost” and said that proceeds would be used to “help heal the community.”

Hogg has gained himself a lot of attention over the past few months by calling for boycotts on companies that back the NRA or just anyone or anything that upsets his fragile ego, most recently he called for a boycott of the Vanguard group, but soon backed down when he found out they were the top backers of Twitter.

He also bullied Laura Ingraham’s advertisers to stop sponsoring her after she made a joke about him, because with David Hogg it only works one way, he can say whatever he likes about anyone, but you must not say anything about him or call out his ‘facts’,  otherwise he’ll have a massive tantrum and call for a boycott of something.

But as we are seeing, even the mainstream media has backed off from Hogg recently, it seems his 15 minutes is running out with them, hence why you’re seeing this ‘book deal’ happen.


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  1. POS. His dad is a former or current FBI? Don’t know which. I despise the FBI and people like him are the reasons why.

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