September 19, 2021

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The real reason woman ‘Arrested For Nothing’ at Waffle House was detained

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The real reason Woman 'Arrested For Nothing' at Waffle House was detained

After an investigation, the real reason the woman ‘Arrested For Nothing’ at Waffle House was detained has been explained.  25-year-old Chikesia Clemons was arrested as she fought and argued with police while they attempted to handcuff her on the ground.

What the footage does not show is Clemons threatening employees before the video began.

The video went viral very quickly and without any context to it, the situation looked pretty bad for police.

As soon as the video became viral there was a backlash against both Waffle House and the Saraland police,  protesters showed up in numbers at the restaurant with signs and blocked the Waffle House business for a few days.

Saraland Police Chief J.C. West said at a press conference on Monday, he had asked detectives to do a quick and thorough investigation into the matter, and that all their findings will be presented.

The maven reports, During the presentation, Saraland Police Detective Collette Little showed surveillance video from multiple different angles in the restaurant from the time 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons arrived with Canita Adams shortly after 2:30 a.m. on April 22, until Clemons was removed from the restaurant in handcuffs by police.

Waffle House employees informed police that the women arrived carrying an alcoholic beverage, and were told they couldn’t have it.

There was also a male friend who was with them but the footage confirms he didn’t get involved.

Chiquitta Clemons-Howard, who is Clemons’ mother, told The Birmingham News her daughter had become upset because she had requested an extra set of plastic eating utensils and was upset with the Waffle House employee who told her that they would cost her an additional 50 cents.

However,  employees said they’d agreed to give Clemons the utensils for free after she made a scene, and the silverware was not the reason she was asked to leave Waffle House, police reported.

“I interviewed the three officers… six employees and one customer. Two witnesses were African-American and four were female. All witness accounts were in concert, and reported the individuals smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated. One person did bring a drink into the establishment… they were asked to leave because of the beverage,” Saraland Police Detective Brian Mims said.

Witnesses told police the situation escalated quickly and the women started screaming obscenities at the restaurant staff, Detective Mims said.

“B**ch, you don’t know what I got going on. Why you is in my business – I may have a gun, I may have anything. I can come back here and shoot this place up if I need to,” one of the women threatened, witnesses told police.

Disturbingly, the incident at the Saraland Waffle House took place at about the same time that Travis Reinking was murdering four people in a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee.

“I’ll come over this counter and beat your f**king ass,” one of the women told an employee, a witness reported.

“Bitch, I’m gonna have your job. You ain’t gonna be here tomorrow,” one of them taunted the employee, according to witness statements given to the Saraland PD.

When police arrived at Saraland Waffle House, witnesses said Clemons refused to comply with the officers’ commands multiple times before she was eventually arrested.

The viral footage, which was recorded and posted online by Adams, showed officers trying to remove Clemons from the establishment.

Clemons was seated at the time and appeared to be holding her shirt up as she argued with a police officer, the viral video showed.

“I heard the f-bomb and everything,” the officer calmly told her, as he tried to secure one of her hands.

“No, but that’s not what you’re gonna do to me,” Clemons said, as she pulled away from the officer. “You not gonna grab on me like that, no.”

The video which was edited then cut out and resumed as two officers took the erratic woman down onto the ground to arrest her.

Clemons then attempted to roll onto her back, while continuing to argue and refusing to comply with the officer’s commands.

“What’d I do wrong?” Clemons yelled.

“I’m about to break your arm,” one officer replied, as he tried to pull Clemons’ arm away from her body.

A third officer enters the scene, and calmly told Clemons she was being arrested.

Then the video cuts out once again and when the footage resumed it cuts back to Clemons lying on her stomach in handcuffs.

During the scuffle, Clemons’ shirt fell down exposing her breasts, which added further controversy surrounding the video. Claims online were that police officer “ripped” her shirt off, although the video clearly shows that’s not true.

“You wanna come fix her clothes?” one officer asked Adams.

“No, y’all fix it!” Adams replied, and refused to help her friend.

Det. Mims said the man who was with them was granted permission to pull up her top, and the surveillance video confirms this is true.

Police investigated complaints that the officer had threatened Clemons that he would break her arm during her arrest, and said the allegation was simply untrue.

“The statement was made as a cause and effect statement not a threat,” Det. Little explained, meaning the police officer was telling Mrs Clemons not to fight or she could be injured.

Despite widespread outrage that the arrest was racially motivated, Det. Mims said his investigation determined the entire incident stemmed from Clemons bringing alcohol into the Waffle House.

“Throughout the officers’ interactions with Miss Clemons, she appeared to be intoxicated. When she was booked in, she did get sick,” Det. Mims said at the press conference, as they showed a video of police giving Clemons a bucket to throw up in while she was waiting to be processed at the jail.

Det. Mims said he had tried to interview both the women for his investigation but Clemons had skipped her appointment with him. Adams didn’t respond to attempts to reach her, he said.

Clemons was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Her mother paid her $1,000 bond later on Sunday.

Ahead of the press conference on Sunday evening, Saraland Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner said even though the incident was still under investigation, the company “strongly” supports the Saraland Police Department’s actions during the altercation.

“[I]t’s fair to say that the information we have received at this point differs significantly from what has reportedly been attributed to Ms. Clemons and strongly supports the actions taken by the Saraland Police Department,” Warner explained.

Sunday afternoon protesters convened outside the Saraland Waffle House, which resulted in the arrest of one man, The Birmingham News reported.

“I’m angry yes, because it keeps happening,” one protester told KOMO.

“No justice no peace, no racist police,” another said.

Not helping the situation, Clemons’ friend spread more lies about the incident.

“Then they had her on the dirty floor with a gun to her head. That’s not how you treat our children. Injustice to one is injustice to all. We have to stop spending our money where they don’t want our business at,” said Shemeca Crawford, told WTOL.

The video shows that officers never drew a gun.


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