August 12, 2022

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Barista at Starbucks hates white people, calls for customer to ‘DIE’

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Barista at Starbucks hates white people, calls for customer to 'DIE'

A barista who works at Starbucks who’s job it is to simply smile, take orders and serve customers has openly admitted she ‘hates white people’ and wished a customer would ‘die.’

Mainstream media, Starbucks and social media platforms, as well as their users, have been quick to jump on any racial situation that involves black people, and rightfully so. Racism should not be tolerated anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

Except when it comes to white people it seems.

A barista at Starbucks who goes by the handle @dreamyvortex, posted an image with text saying:


She followed that up in the same thread with:

“miss deborah wanted half soy half almond milk steamed seperately in different pitches for the same drink. DIE”

If it wasn’t for another user on Twitter that drew attention to this awful behaviour, you wouldn’t know about it.

Starbucks did respond to @mathinhell’s tweet, but, there has been no more response from them, no public outcry over the situation, nor has there been any public statement from the coffee chain whatsoever.

Then it seems after a bit of sleuthing from Twitter users, they found out @DreamyVortex cleared her account and switched to a second account, Twitter users found this out through her original profile before it was cleared, her profile said she is engaged to another user by the name of @Hydra0x01, who later changed her handle to @Kamenriderjess but still kept her Twitter picture the same and name ‘Jessica.’

The Starbucks baristas fiancee has openly condemned the tweets by her partner and does not want to be attacked for it or involved, and to be fair she has on many occasions made it clear she doesn’t agree with what happened:

Just to be clear, the reason ‘Jessica’s’ tweets and replies are included in this article is not to ‘dox’ her or bring unwanted harassment. ‘Jessica’ publically replied to other users to set the record straight and her twitter information had been put on many users timelines long before this article was written.

The reason she is being added to this report is to inform everyone familiar with what has transpired, that ‘Jessica’ has responded and made her position clear and does not want any further harassment.

Starbucks has said they are looking into the matter, and hopefully, they keep that promise.

Racism on any level, from any race towards another race, is despicable, and you would like to think every situation would be handled with the same level of outrage as the other.

However, this hasn’t been the case. The media is silent, the same people outraged at other alleged racist situations at Starbucks are silent, and shockingly Starbucks themselves are silent.

We can only hope that an internal investigation has been launched and the barista who made these racist comments will be dealt with just as previous employees have been dealt by the company, and a public statement issued by the chain with an apology to Miss Deborah, the customer.

Any form of racism should not be tolerated.


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