October 27, 2021

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Mainstream Media Hides Eric Schneiderman’s Democratic Affiliation

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Mainstream Media Hides Eric Schneiderman's Democratic Affiliation

Mainstream Media Hides Eric Schneiderman's Democratic Affiliation

Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned on Monday after multiple women exposed the AG. The women accused him of violent physical abuse.

Multiple women told the New Yorker that Anti-Trump Democrat NY Attorney General (and Mueller Partner-in-Crime) Eric Schneiderman, repeatedly hit them and made threats to wiretap and kill them if they broke up with him.

On the day before Trump’s inauguration, Schneiderman got into bed drunk and cut himself, waking up in a pool of blood before being hospitalized.

But from the way mainstream media outlets are reporting the story, you wouldn’t have any clue that Eric Schneiderman is a Democrat.

Even the New Yorker, which is a very left-leaning outlet, in their first two lines of the article state that Eric Schneiderman is a “liberal Democratic champion of women’s rights.”

Mainstream Media Hides Eric Schneiderman’s Democratic Affiliation

Julia Manchester’s report for The Hill didn’t mention Schneiderman’s political affiliation anywhere in her article. MSN posted the very same article and it was also on the ‘Facebook trending’ section.

Marwa Eltagouri and Mark Berman over at The Washington Post didn’t mention his Democratic affiliation until the very last paragraph of their article.

Laura Nahmias for Politico didn’t mention Schneiderman’s affiliation with the Democratic party anywhere in her article.

Sophie Tatum for CNN waited until the last paragraph of her report before she mentioned Schneiderman was a Democrat.

The there’s CNN’s website which didn’t even headline the story, instead, they did their usual attack Trump schtick

Trump latest news

Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s ‘reliable sources’ failed to be reliable and inform his readers that Schneiderman is a Democrat.

Then we have the New York Times and the Associated Press who both waited until the eighth paragraph of their stories before they made any mention of Schneiderman’s affiliation.

Disgraceful form from the mainstream media.

Source: DailyWire


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