September 19, 2021

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VIDEO: Police Officer Shoots Aggressive Groundhog In Front Of Traffic

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VIDEO Police Officer Shoots Aggressive Groundhog In Front of Traffic

A groundhog was shot and killed after it charged at a Carroll County deputy who was trying to clear it from a roadway on Sunday.

The footage of the deputy with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office fatally shooting the groundhog in Eldersburg on Sunday, in an incident captured on video, has been widely shared on social media.

The Carroll County deputy captured shooting the aggressive groundhog on video footage can be seen below.

The County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy was on patrol when he encountered stopped traffic not far from the intersection of Old Liberty are White Rock roads.

CBS News reports the sheriff’s office said the groundhog was causing a disturbance by walking in the middle of the road and “causing vehicles to stop and creating a hazard.”

The deputy who saw the disturbance stopped his patrol car to help. He attempted to chase the groundhog out of the roadway, but the animal wasn’t having any of, and police said it wasn’t behaving normally.

“Believing the groundhog to be either sick or injured,” the deputy shot the groundhog, and “put the animal down for the public’s safety,” the sheriff’s office said.

It wasn’t the groundhogs day

The officer can be seen in the video trying to get the groundhog to run away out of the road, but it wasn’t budging.

The groundhog appeared to suddenly charge at the officer, and the deputy then dropped to one knee and shot the crazed animal.

The animal flopped on its back and continued kicking, so the deputy shot it again as horrified citizens watched.

The woman who shared the video on social media said she was shocked and “did not think that it would take this turn.” She also said she was “sure the officer did the best thing in this situation.”

Watch the video here. Warning! graphic footage:

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  1. If an animal such as a Groundhog or Woodchuck is aggressive and is not protecting its offspring, my first thought would be it may be have Rabies.

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