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Stormy Daniels accused of covering up on-set sexual assault

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Stormy Daniels accused of covering up on-set sexual assault

Stormy Daniels accused of covering up on-set sexual assault

Star of an adult film, Tasha Reign, who was directed by Stormy Daniels in November 2017, has accused Daniels of covering up for a crew member after Reign reported an on-set sexual assault.

Reign told the far-left Daily Beast website about the sexual assault saying that last November, on the second day of filming The Set-Up in Los Angeles, “I was sexually assaulted by one of [Stormy Daniels’] crewmembers. He groped and grabbed me from behind.”

Meanwhile, this was happening in the post-Weinststein #MeToo movement so you’d think it would be taken very seriously. Sadly it wasn’t.

Reign, who is politically liberal, says that the #MeToo movement is what motivated her to come forward, and after watching Stormy Daniels present herself as a champion of women during one of her high-profile attacks on President Trump, she thought she would be taken seriously.

“It’s very upsetting to see her speak like that and then I think, ‘but I know the real you. I was there. I saw what you did’.”

Reign says that after the alleged sexual assault she spoke up immediately.

“I spoke up immediately… [Daniels] was the director that day, I went straight to her and straight to the man that did it, we had a conversation about it, I went to the owner of Wicked Pictures, I did all the right things.”

According to Tasha Reign, Stormy Daniels “did not handle the situation appropriately, respectfully or professionally… I was assaulted on her set and she didn’t give me any care or attention, and didn’t even send that man home.”

The 29-year-old described the incident saying, “I’m fully clothed in my outfit, I’m standing and signing my paperwork, and all of a sudden I feel two hands from behind me grab my ass and make sexual moaning noises.”

Reign said she was alone in the room. “I felt a pit in my stomach and thought, shit, my scene partner, Michael Vegas, is in the other room… who is this? So I turn around and it’s a crewmember from set.”

But rather than hold up the production of the movie, Reign chose to “do my scene as quickly as it’s going to take and then as soon as it’s over, I can go and confront Stormy, the director who has all the power that day on set, and the man that did this to me.”

Reign said she burst into tears after the scene, Her co-star, Vegas, corroborated her story saying “Reign’s post-scene emotional state” and told the Daily Beast, “Right after we wrapped … Her demeanor had changed but it was hard to tell why or what had happened. Everything came to a halt so that the issue could be addressed… But I don’t know if there was ever a real resolution.”

Reign says Stormy Daniels actually shamed her for confronting the crewman, who claimed, in front of Daniels, that his groping Reign was just a joke.

“You probably made him cry. He’s crying right now,” Daniels said to her.

Not happy with the outcome of Stormy Daniels’ response, Tasha Reign decided to go up the ladder to the executives of Wicked Pictures

At first, Reign was told her complaint would result in company-wide action and was ensured this would never happen again. But after five meetings, Reign says the owner of Wicked, Steve Orenstein, told her that Stormy Daniels denied the incident ever happened.

Reign also claims that the day before the alleged assault, Stormy was “joking” about Harvey Weinstein and dismissing the whole #MeToo movement, saying things like, “Oh, I could be seen as Harvey Weinstein because I’m flirtatious with my crewmembers and I can be inappropriate.”

Daniels has publicly denied the allegation.

The argument continued on and Stormy Daniels still denied the incident ever happened.

Michael Avenatti, attorney Stormy Daniels’, who has recieved somewhat $175 million in free media from anti-Trump networks such as CNN and MSNBC, issued his own statement to the Daily Beast that may prove to be highly problematic for both Avenatti and his client Stormy.

Avenatti suggests the investigation into the alleged assault is closed and Tasha Reign is lying.

“[A]fter the incident in question, Wicked performed a thorough investigation and found no substantiation for the allegations. It simply did not occur as Ms. Reign suggests,” Avenatti’s said in part,

This contradicts a just-released statement from Wicked, that says the investigation is ongoing.

“We have been and are appropriately investigating,” the company said.

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