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SNL star claims he could easily beat Trump in 2020

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SNL star claims he could easily beat Trump in 2020

SNL star amongst liberals and anyone who despises President Trump Alec Baldwin claims he could defeat Trump in 2020 if he ran.

But of course, Mr Baldwin isn’t going to put his money where his big mouth is because he says ‘his family wouldn’t go for it.’

Alec Baldwin says he could defeat Trump

Baldwin is another anti-Trump liberal shooting his mouth off because he thinks it’s the popular thing to do. But as we’ve learned time and time again, these Hollywood celebrities love to talk tough and spread falsehoods.

During his appearance on “The Daniel Baldwin Show” Tuesday when asked if he thought he could win if he ran against Trump, the 60-year-old actor said:

“Oh, absolutely, positively, I could beat [Trump] without a doubt in my mind,” Baldwin explained. “You know, I am somebody who … you think I want the United States to lay down and die and not have a strong defense? That’s preposterous. I am not going to come in there and say we have to walk around with our hand tied behind our back. The world is too dangerous for that.”

But as funny as it would be to see him run and lose. we won’t be able to indulge in that pleasure as the SNL Trump impersonator won’t be having a crack at the Don.

“It would be the most exciting election we have had in ages — exciting. It’s an exciting idea. But the thing is, you lose your life. I have got little kids. My wife would never go for it,”

The 60-year-old went onto say that he believes the trick to defeating President Trump is to not “mention his name” and only talk about what you will do as President.

“If you went out on a campaign trail and tried to state the obvious … everything that’s hateful and suspicious and all the condemnation of Trump has already been said. He is the most criticized president in history, other than Nixon,” Baldwin said. “Trump’s election is one of the greatest tragedies in history.”

This is typical of Democrats and celebrities like Alec Baldwin, we heard this rant throughout the election. They all seemed to know how to defeat Trump, but they all just couldn’t help but talk about him.






9 thoughts on “SNL star claims he could easily beat Trump in 2020

  1. lol oh my god!! the comedy of this scenario would be off the charts! for the first time in his life baldwin would actually be funny! Trump stomp his butt into the ground hard and fast!

    so please baldwin…..please please run against Trump! the country needs a good laugh!

  2. When Trump defeated Hillary, his poll numbers (according to MSM) is in the low 40’s. Hillary and the DNC spent a least 5x more than Trump and still lost big time. Now an idiot like Alec Baldwin thinks he can easily beat Trump whose poll numbers are now around 49-51% . Again these numbers are coming from news outlets who hates Trump and are probably manipulated. At 49-51% favorable rating, who can statistically beat Trump?

  3. The only thing this clown could beat is 1) ex partners 2)paparazzi 3) reporters 4) his daughter 5)his meat

  4. Alec Baldwin couldn’t beat his meat. But he could probably get real angry at it…

  5. I knew who it was before reading the article, who else but this crazy egotistical nutcase Alex Baldwin would think he could beat Trump in an election, I doubt he could even make the team before actually being laughed off the stage. Fool.

  6. I don’t think he could beat Donald Trump but we all know he can beat an eleven year old little girl.

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