January 27, 2022

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Mueller’s FBI used Jeffrey Epstein as an Informant

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Mueller’s FBI used Jeffrey Epstein as an Informant

On Thursday the FBI tweeted out a link to something very interesting regarding Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Mueller.

It seems Robert Mueller’s FBI was using pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as an informant in 2008.

Jeffrey Epstein is a friend of the Clinton family, who ran the  “Lolita Express” to his private island.

Documents released by the FBI pertaining to Clinton-connected pedophile Jeffrey Epstein show that the known child predator had a professional relationship with then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.

“Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon,” says one of the court documents. “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the state of Florida.

Epstein Mueller

The release clearly shows that Jeffrey Epstein cut a deal with Robert Mueller’s FBI to avoid prosecution, though it is still unclear from the heavily-redacted FBI documents what crime he was actually being charged with.

Mueller has been appointed Special Counsel to investigate alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian’s. The investigation is now well into its second year.

The FBI’s release includes heavily redacted pages and also a large number of deleted pages, among other unredacted documents.

The FBI Epstein Doc links are below:

File Jeffrey Epstein Part 01 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 02 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 03 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 04 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 05 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 06 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 07 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 08 of 08

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