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Publix caves to David Hogg

Publix caves to David Hogg

Companies being bullied by David Hogg are still caving in and the most recent is Florida grocery chain Publix.

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A tweet from Hogg is demanded $1 million from the Florida-based grocery chain and was being harassed by the 18-year-old for its support of Adam Putnam, a Republican gubernatorial candidate who is the state’s agricultural commissioner. The Tampa Bay Times reported just this week that Publix had donated $670,000 during the last three years to Putnam campaigns.

“I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman [sic] to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A-rated NRA politician again,” he wrote.

Now, Florida grocery store Publix just caved into David Hogg’s demands after he staged a “die-in” and the store is now cutting off their support to Republican gubernatorial candidate and NRA supporter Adam Putnam.

The “die-in” resulted in shouting matches between the customers and protesters in at least one store:

Hogg didn’t get his $1m, but you never know with a bit more bullying from this kid and they just might pay up.

Sad state of affairs really.