6 thoughts on “Benghazi hero shuts down David Hogg

  1. Hogg really is a dumb kid. its hilarious to see his words get slapped back down his throat.

  2. I looked up the term “piss-ant” in the dictionary. There was a photo of David Hogg!

  3. well, that’s weird. I looked up David Hogg and there was a photo of a piss-ant.

  4. Hogg is a nasty looking bastard, is he not? Just looking at his picture, makes me want to kick his ass.

  5. Having attended HS in NE Louisiana long before HoggBoy was an itch in his daddy’s pants, we used to not only hunt after school but we did so before school because after school we had football, baseball or wrestling practice.

    MANY a fall or winter day did I attend class looking like I was ready to deploy to a European forest……full camo gear, grease paint on face or maybe some dried blood(if i was lucky) and wouldn’t even come close to being the only one.

    I’ve asked one snowflake after another what is different………same laws. Same guns. Same everything…..except attitude.

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