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CNN’s Chris Cillizza claims Trump is wrong about 13 Democrats working for Mueller, But there are

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CNN's Chris Cillizza claims Trump is wrong about 13 Democrats working for Mueller, But there are

An editor-at-large for CNN said he fact-checked a series of so-called “untruths” and “exaggerations” tweeted by President Trump Sunday.

One of those was after Trump tweeted that there are “13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats” on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of lawyers.

The CNN “fact-checker” Chris Cillizza disputed the president’s tweet saying “Trump’s claim that there are 13 Democrats on Mueller’s team is also false.”

However, Chris Cillizza is, wait for it…wrong.

I know right, what a surprise.

The problem is Mr fact-checker Cillizza cited incomplete and outdated facts. The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported that there were 13 registered Democrats and zero Republicans known to work for Mueller in February.

Here’s the kicker, Mueller brought on a 14th Democrat in May. this person’s identity and political affiliation remain unknown.

Here’s what we know:

  • None of the 17 lawyers known to work for special counsel Robert Mueller are registered Republicans
  • There are 14 registered Democrats on the investigation and three lawyers with no party affiliation
  • Campaign finance records reveal that 11 lawyers are Democratic donors

While Robert Mueller himself is a registered Republican, nine of the publicly-known lawyers had actually donated to Democratic candidates, these donations can be found within the Federal Elections Commission records.

Special counsel Robert Mueller‘s office has openly admitted that nine of 16 lawyers working for him have made a total of $62,000 in donations to Democrats, and one of those nine lawyers also donated $2,750 to Republican candidates.

However, there is one small problem, that analysis only looked at donations found in Federal Elections Commission records. TheDCNF has also found two additional Democratic donors by searching for ALL donations – regardless of their party affiliation – recorded in campaign finance databases at the state level.

Adam Jed, an appellate lawyer for the Justice Department, made two donations in 2017 – $1,000 to a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin attorney general and $100 to a Democratic candidate for Baltimore state’s attorney. Another DOJ lawyer, Aaron Zelinsky, donated $100 in 2014 to the Branford Democratic Town Committee in Connecticut and $100 to a Democratic state lawmaker in 2016.

That makes a total of 11 lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team who have donated to Democratic campaigns.

Nearly $12,000 in total contributions were found in state databases, all of which were donated to Democrats.

So I guess president Trump was technically wrong about 13 democrats working for Mueller because there are 14.

But nice try Chris Cillizza, nice try.

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  2. CNN could report that the sky is blue and I’d assume they were just lying again.

  3. man cnn just can’t get anything right. do they think no one is going to fact check their fact checkers?? are they really be this stupid? obviously they are as they are constantly being snared in their own web of lies and yet they just keep on lying. its really fascinating, in a way, to watch a media source, once respected and admired, cutting its own throat on a daily basis. but its a free country, no thanks to them, and they are free to kill themselves off.

  4. Democrats and RINOs know how to get their fake fact-checking results and other lies they spew out to be believable to liberals. It’s easy. Liberals hate Trump, and will accept any lie that denigrates him as the absolute truth without investigating further. Also, the pro-globalist, anti-sovereign, anti-American Deep State controls the Main Stream Media and will suppress any positive reports about Trump and his supporters , while extolling false information that slams Trump and the Patriots who support him. Until the swamp is drained nothing will change. Soros and his minions control liberals, and they are determined to bring in a New World Order that they, the elites, will run as they please.

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