December 8, 2021

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Donald Trump was wanted by two pro Baseball teams

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Donald Trump was wanted by two pro Baseball teams

Not only does Trump know how to play hardball in the business world and as president of the United States, but it turns out he could play with the best of them in the baseball world.

According to a book about presidents and baseball, President Donald Trump was heavily scouted and wanted by two pro teams when coming out of his high school military prep academy to be a pro prospect.

In the book by author Curt Smith, the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies were keen to sign up the first basemen from NY Military Academy before he went off to college at Fordham University in 1964. From there he eventually transferred to University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

However, despite the keen interest, President Trump turned down the two offers to pursue a baseball career because “He chose real money over baseball money,” Author Curt Smith wrote.

Smith’s book reveals scouting reports showing that President Trump was a kid with a lot of hustle and compares him to Charlie Hustle, a.k.a Pete Rose without the gambling problem obviously.

“Trump resembled Pete Rose via Pedroia by way of Enos Slaughter – the most never-say-die kid in town,” Smith wrote describing Trump’s playing style.

Any die-hard baseball fans know that these guys were well known for their hustle.

Slaughter played between the late 1930s and late 1950s. During his time in the minors, after a routine out at first base, his manager asked him if he was tired. Slaughter said he wasn’t. “‘The way you ran, you looked tired,” his manager told him. Slaughter learned his lesson and ran flat out for the rest of his career, no matter how hopeless the situation looked.

Turns out Donald Trump didn’t even that kind of lesson. And he proved it on the field of finance.

Author Curt Smith adds that he’s not sure why President Trump refused to throw the first pitch but believes it would be good for the image for the president and the game itself.

“At a time like this, the Donald could affect a rough blue-collar charm appealing to the people who elected him, largely tired of and embittered by being ignored by institutions, especially government,” Smith writes. “Yet the last irony of his no-first-year first pitch is that it affirmed a similar angst already epidemic among those who follow another institution, baseball, their voices judged unworthy of being heard as the pastime itself has ebbed.”

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump was wanted by two pro Baseball teams

  1. It is obvious the world, and especially the Soros Communist wanna-bees had better learn to play ball, or get their rears called out before they even get to first base.

  2. Hm, contrast this with obma, who according to the media was such a great athlete, yet could not even make a basket or throw a baseball.

  3. …and Obama could not even hold a baseball correctly much less throw one. ONLY BASKETBALLS.

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