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Democrats pushed fake news about Trump admin, but it was Obama

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Democrats pushed fake news about Trump admin, but it was Obama

On Tuesday Democrats and anyone on the anti-Trump wagon shared photos of children detained and enclosed in cages near the U.S Mexico border while blaming the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

All sorts of high profile liberal anti-Trumpers tweeted out fake news about the Trump Admin. Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, BLM huckster Shaun King, Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour and others including Editor in Chief of the NYT magazine shared the image of children in detention centers.

However, as it turns out the image was from a 2014 article and if our calculations are correct, which they are,  Donald J. Trump wasn’t president then.

Obama was.

The photos first appeared in the Arizona Republic back in 2014 during former President Barack Obama’s second term to illustrate that over 1,000 children were detained by authorities trying to cross the border.

Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted out the pictures confidently saying this is “happening right now” and the government, clearly meaning Trump, needs to be forced to put families back together.

Favreau has since deleted the tweet.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said earlier this month that the federal government will prosecute those who cross the border illegally, which could possibly lead to separating families in the process.

President Trump said Saturday, however, the law is “horrible” and has urged Democrats to change it.

After finding out about all the fake news being pushed by Democrats and so-called journalists, President Trump hit out at them all for sharing photos of the children in enclosed cages near the U.S.-Mexico border and blaming his administration’s immigration policy.

“Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages. They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country…Bipartisan Bill!”

If they had done a simple google search, they would have found that the photos were clearly taken before he took office.

One would think that these people would look past their unhinged hatred for the President and do some actual fact-checking. But as we are seeing it’s only getting worse by the day.

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