May 19, 2022

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Best selling author warns who the next target of the deep state will be

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Best selling author warns who the next target of the deep state will be

Investigative Best selling author Jerome Corsi believes the Deep State have their sights set on Trump ally Sean Hannity.

“Make no mistake about it, Sean Hannity is being set up for the firing squad, and they won’t provide a blindfold this time,” Jerome Corsi says.

Jerome Corsi is the author of the bestseller “Killing the Deep State,” which soared to the #1 spot on Amazon and has become a New York Times bestseller.

“My sources tell me that the ‘Deep State’ wants to take Hannity out as a major media player.

“They see him as Enemy Number One, and they want him off Fox News, [and to] tarnish his reputation, and remove him as President Trump’s top media supporter,” Corsi alleges.

“The raid on Michael Cohen’s office gives the Deep State another major avenue to torpedo Hannity,” Corsi added.

Hannity was at one time a client of Cohen’s but has strongly stated that he only used Michael Cohen’s services involving a real estate matter.

President Trump’s recent tweet saying that a “criminal Deep State” set on destroying his administration indicates he agrees with Corsi’s view detailed in the book “Killing the Deep State.”

In the book “Killing the Deep State,” Corsi reveals the names of Deep State players.

The book includes the infamous secret FBI text messages that proved high officials sought to stop Donald Trump’s election.

After 2016 presidential election, Corsi’s book “Killing the Deep State” claims the FBI and other high officials implemented a plan called “Prudential” to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency and try to potentially remove him from office.

Corsi also reveals in his book that former President Barack Obama and his close allies in the federal government have been plotting Deep State efforts to oust Trump.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says the left detests Corsi’s book because the “people who are entrenched in Washington, from the very beginning wanted President Trump out and were going to do anything they could to get him out.”

Edward Klein, the famed author of “Blood Feud” and “The Amateur,” calls “Killing the Deep State” an “explosive must-read” and Newsmax calls it “the political book of the year.”


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