January 22, 2022

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Sarah Sanders Slams Eagles for ‘Political Stunt’

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Sarah Sanders Slams Eagles for 'Political Stunt' Amid Cancelled White House Visit

Sarah Sanders ripped the Philadelphia Eagles Tuesday after President Trump canceled the Super Bowl champion’s visit to the White House.

Trump made the decision that the Eagles will not visit the White House this week to celebrate their title amid the national anthem protest controversy.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked by Fox News Radio White House Correspondent Jon Decker what her reaction was regarding the statement from Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins,

Jenkins made the claim on Twitter that the decision to cancel the event was made “to lie and paint the picture that these players are anti-America, anti-flag and anti-military.”

“If this wasn’t a political stunt, then [the team] wouldn’t have planned to attend the event and then backed out,” Sanders said.

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