October 18, 2021

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Senate releases 500 pages showing spying on Trump camp started much earlier

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Senate releases 500 pages showing spying on Trump camp started much earlier

The Senate has released 500 pages of new information including unredacted Strzok/Page texts exposing FBI corruption.

The pages show the FBI’s corruption and spying started way earlier than any of us were told.

According to the documents it all started around December of 2015 instead of July of 2016! There was also an effort to place more than one spy into Donald Trump’s campaign.


Also, Bill Priestep, who is Strzok’s boss, is testifying behind closed doors to Congress today.

Bill Priestep hasn’t been heard from in months and there are rumors he has flipped and is revealing all:

CT reports:

FBI Asst. Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, is central to all of the activity that was happening in both the Clinton investigation and the Trump investigation. Bill Priestap was FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s immediate boss. However, as noted in the text messages Strzok often worked around Priestap at the behest of the person giving him political instructions – FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

One of the most in-depth and best researchers Nick Falco found an important text that was UNREDACTED by  where Special Agent Peter Strzok openly *admits* running lures to bait and hook HUMINT sources aimed at Trump’s campaign.

This is well before the coin case opened.

The “OCONUS LURES” redaction on p.31 was texted on December 28, 2015. The unredacted text is on p.159

So the big question is, was Barack Obama spying on all 16 Republicans running in the presidential race? December 2015 is clearly well before there was a chosen frontrunner and well before a top three in the group of candidates.

It’s possible that Barack Obama may have directed the FBI and DOJ to spy on all 16 Republican candidates. OR it’s possible this was an effort to prepare to place spies into the campaign of the eventual nominee. Regardless of it being Trump.

Just think, FBI Director James Comey previously stated under oath that the FBI had been investigating possible coordination between the Trump camp and Russian officials since July of 2016.

So did he lie under oath?

Former FBI agent Kevin Brock made a crucial point when speaking to Laura Ingraham, saying:

“If the FBI opened a Source or tasked a Source to gather information particularly from a US person, before opening a formal investigation, then that would be a violation of the guidelines.”



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  1. Trump has every legitimate right to go after whom ever that tried to frame him. beit Obama, Hillary or others like Brennan

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