Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

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Video: Deputy takes down hammer-wielding suspect with cans of beans

Video Deputy takes down hammer-wielding suspect with cans of beans

The Panama City News Herald reports a Bay County sheriff’s deputy threw two cans of beans and helped subdue a man threatening people with a hammer inside a grocery store.

Maj. Jimmy Sanford said the cans of Bush’s extra brown sugar baked beans were an alternative to using deadly force.

Initial reports on Thursday said the suspect had a gun in his hand. but It turned out to be a hammer,

Reports say the suspect attacked three officers with the hammer.

A video obtained by the newspaper shows Sanford hurling the cans at the suspect, who was arrested shortly after.

Authorities say the suspect identified 25-year-old Justin Tyler Stanford is charged with assault with a deadly weapon on an officer and other offenses.

Court records released Saturday doesn’t state if Stanford had a lawyer.

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