October 27, 2021

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Stormy Daniels ex-manager and lawyer tried to sell Heidi Fleiss little black book

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Stormy Daniels ex-manager and lawyer tried to sell Heidi Fleiss little black book

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, madame to the stars Heidi Fleiss revealed the people behind the eBay auction of her now famous ‘little black book.’

Fleiss’ little black book has been wanted not only by authorities, but it seems everyone wants to get their hands on the names inside.

Among the men who are reportedly listed inside the book are Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Billy Idol, famed producer Robert Evans, Hugh Hefner, Jack Nicholson, Star Wars creator George Lucas and OJ Simpson defense attorney Robert Shapiro.

It’s been reported that some of the men listed are said to have never used Fleiss’ services or ever paid to have sex with one of her call-girls, they are simply listed inside the book according to people who have seen the private journal. But no-one is 100% sure that is true.

‘It is beyond shocking,’ said one individual who has seen the book.

‘When the full list of these names gets around, it’s going to cause a sensation — as well as the beginning of the end for many a celebrity’s careers.’ 

Fleiss was just 25 when she started her own prostitution ring in 1990, later stating that she made her first million in just months.

Now in the interview with the Hollywood Reporter Fleiss revealed that pornstar Stormy Daniels ex-manager and lawyer tried to sell her little black book on Ebay.

I saw some headlines that your infamous “little black book” was being sold on eBay, the interviewer asked.

I called eBay and I stopped them. That’s stolen property. It was the same weird people that were once latched on to Stormy Daniels — [Daniels’ ex-manager] Gina Rodriguez and [Daniels’ former lawyer] Keith Davidson. They’re really strange. They were the ones that were doing it.

How did they get it?

A TV director had a couple pages. That’s what I figure they were selling.

So you still have the little black book?

No. Kind of. Why does this even matter anymore?

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