16 thoughts on “Unhinged Robert De Niro and liberal Hollywood are the worst role models

  1. And what have you done for this country Mr. DiNiro besides fomenting hate? “F” to you, too!

  2. Old age takes it’s toll on this washed up “actor” who’s best days are but a memory !

  3. robert duh-niro, once again showing that he is every bit the thug he has played in countless films.

  4. Best to to stay in LA because you come to middle america Bobby, you will leave with foot prints on your face.

  5. He is trying to show his IQ in the picture, but we know that it may be slightly less than half that!

  6. As usual, DeNiro, like all leftists, accuse and ridicule and demonize without offering one shred of proof for their claims. HOW is Trump inhumane? HOW is he an idiot? No proof, mere opinion. Which holds NO currency. LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL DISORDER.

  7. I haven’t paid to watch a movie in years. This type of thing simply brings more folks around to my point of view.

  8. The same Hollywood that lectures on violence has 9 out of 10 films with people with guns murdering each other. Burglaries are through the roof in CA due to the Democratic Super Majority not building prisons and releasing criminals. CA has the highest tax state in country and Governor is calling for more tax hikes to fund “free”. Wonder why middle class is fleeing the state??

    No motivation for hard work and success just stay home and rely on government to take care of you. Do these people ever wonder why this country is the best in the world.

  9. Yes RD is #1 Azz Hole he keeps showing everyone his #1 finger. What a pathetic excuse for a human. This is the kind of behavior Liberals are teaching our youth. SMH

  10. Proof that being rich and famous isn’t protection against being a deranged piece of shit human being… in fact, it seems to promote it. Robert “Fuck Trump” De Niro is a great poster-child for rich liberal dumbfucks who are actually worse than everything they protest against.

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