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David Hogg says high minimum wage makes kids violent

David Hogg says high minimum wage makes kids violent

No, you didn’t accidentally click on the Onion.

In recent a Twitter exchange with a conservative commentator, David Hogg let his ignorance slip with a very strange argument for the left’s favorite economic policy: Raising the minimum wage.

It all kicked off when Carmine Sabia questioned Hogg about his motives when he promoted $15 minimum wage at a gay pride rally. Asking what it had to do with guns:

Hogg’s reply had everyone scratching their heads:

It seems David Hogg either skipped English class at school or he didn’t learn anything.

David Hogg apparently doesn’t understand what the word “spur” actually means.

So for future reference Hogg, it means to encourage something, like when a rider is trying to get a horse to run faster by hitting its sides with boot spurs.

So what David Hogg is actually saying in this tweet is that a $15 per-hour minimum wage would increase violence in inner-city communities.

The tweet kicked-off a hailstorm of criticism and mockery from many Twitter users.

Hogg linking the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016, is even more crazy and ignorant than his word choice or economic ignorance.

The attack at the Pulse nightclub was committed as an act of Islamist terror, even CNN reported the man behind the murder of 49 innocent people had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State group.