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New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi’s racist attack on Kimberly Guilfoyle

You gotta love these self-righteous extreme left columnists. They always think they are the moral authority on just about every subject.

No, wait scratch that, they think they are the moral authority on EVERY subject.

Take Linda Stasi for example,  a columnist for the New York Daily News who’s latest rant is titled: “Fox should fire reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle, who can’t possibly stay neutral while dating a Trump kid”.

First off the title is rich coming from her, you only need to scroll down her Twitter feed to see Stasi isn’t exactly “neutral” herself. She Tweets and retweets anything anti-Trump she possibly can, and never Tweets or writes anything positive the president has done. but she is just an extreme left columnist after all, so we shouldn’t expect too much.

Her whole article is filled with childish remarks, she constantly calls Donald Trump Jr. Dumb four times like a three-year-old. It’s cringe-worthy material from a grown adult.

Which bring us to our next few problems. In Stasi’s hit piece against Guilfoyle, she calls for the firing of the Fox News ‘reporter’. except Kimberly Guilfoyle isn’t a reporter, she’s a television host, commentator at most.

But maybe we should cut her some slack, it’s not like this information is easy to find or anything.

Kimberly Fox News

Next, Staci proceeds to get angrier as the hit piece goes on to attack Guilfoyle for her choice in men and suggesting she is some kind of harlot:

First, there were reports that she and Anthony Scaramucci (who looks like Jr.’s separated-at-birth brother) were an item about four seconds after he and his wife split. They denied it. Now she’s having sleepovers with the dumbest Trump.

Jeez, if she lived in Boca, she’d be showing up at the widower’s house with a casserole before the dead wife was even in the ground.

Another rich comment from an extreme leftist.

Then the New York Daily columnist makes an unhinged racist comment:

 Thing is, Guilfoyle is an otherwise brilliant woman. When it comes to picking men, though, she’d probably have better odds picking grapes

Staci later on changed “grapes” to “lotto numbers” to cover herself due to the blow-back, but as you can see from screenshots below, her intentions were clear the first time around. Nice try though.

Guilfoyle is Puerto Rican, so this did not go down well with many people:

This isn’t the first time Staci has come under fire for ridiculous comments: