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Have You Ever Noticed How Male Feminists Are Predators?

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Male Feminists Are Predators

Justin Whang lays out perfectly the problem with male feminists:

Like many men, I’ve always been distrustful of men who loudly and frequently declare themselves to be “male feminists.” It’s not that I’m against women’s rights: I’m for women’s rights and hold some views that’d probably have half my audience calling me a cuck. It’s that it always seems like there’s an ulterior motive. Yet, when men call male feminists out on their duplicity, we get accused of projecting.

However, as a number of prominent male feminists are being outed as abusers, harassers and predators, more people are waking up to this trend. I first noticed it with Joss Whedon’s cheating scandal, and these stories appear to have been blowing up recently as Andy Signore of Screen Junkies got caught in a harassment scandal in which he tried to leverage his position to get favors from interns.

Other specific instances of abuse committed by prominent male feminists in the media such as Michael Hafford and Dan Broadbent have been popping up over the weekend as more women share their stories.

Additionally, it seems like more articles about the deceptive nature of male feminists have been popping up over the past years. One thing is clear: if a person is working overtime to convince you of what a good, moral person they are, they’re probably compensating for something dark.

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  1. Bottom line: Lefties are hypocritical cunts and should be gassed or worked to death.

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