May 21, 2022

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Ted Cruz introduces “emergency legislation” to keep immigrant families together

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Ted Cruz introduces emergency legislation to keep immigrant families together

On Monday Sen. Ted Cruz, officially announced a plan to introduce comprehensive “emergency legislation” which is designed to end separations of illegal immigrant children from their parents.

In what is an answer to President Donald Trump’s call for a congressional solution to the situation, The bill will double the number of immigration judges to 750 and mandate that illegal immigrant families be kept together.

That is unless there has been “aggravated criminal conduct” or any threat of harm to the children, according to Ted Cruz’s office.

The new legislation will also authorize brand new temporary shelters for immigrant families, and provide for the expedited resolution of asylum claims within a 14 day period.

“All Americans are rightly horrified by the images we are seeing on the news, children in tears pulled away from their mothers and fathers,” Cruz said. “This must stop. Now.”

Ted Cruz also added that the Democrats have taken the wrong approach on the issue.

“The answer is not what congressional Democrats are proposing: simply releasing illegal aliens and returning to the failed policy of ‘catch and release,'” Cruz said. “Rather, we should fix the backlog in immigration cases, remove the legal barriers to swift processing, and resolve asylum cases on an expedited basis.

“While these cases are pending, families should stay together. Children belong with their mothers and fathers.”

2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz introduces “emergency legislation” to keep immigrant families together

  1. Outrageous! Very simply put: The children belong with their parents and the parents belong in their native countries! Send them back to their native countries immediately.

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