August 10, 2022

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49% of Democrat voters support president Trump’s current border policy

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49% of Democrat voters support the presidents current border policy

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer sent a letter to President Donald Trump demanding that he “fully undo the ‘zero tolerance’ border policy.”

This is typical of the Democrat found in the wild who strongly advocates for a return to a “catch and release” policy, in which illegal immigrants that are caught crossing the border are released into the US in the hopes they will show up for court dates in future months.

Yeah for sure, of course they will. Not!

Side note: If you ever see a wild Democrat in the open, don’t approach them or look them directly in the eyes. They scare easy and will attack.

We all know Many illegal immigrants never ever show up for their court cases and just disappear into the country.

An open border policy is clearly a litmus test for 2020 candidates from the far-left. But it’s a position that is wildly out of step and doesn’t bode well with a vast majority of the American people.

Take a gander at this recent poll that asked where Americans stand when presented with a few options on how to handle the illegal immigrants who cross the border as family units:

  • Only 19%(!) support releasing families and having them report back for immigration hearings at a later date. With only 30% of Democrats(!) in support of this position.
  • A plurality, including 49% of Democrats(!), support the position outlined in President Trump’s executive order to hold families together in family detention centers until an immigration hearing can be held.

While you’re here, check out these 2020 Democrat hopefuls who just this week have taken the very unpopular position that detaining illegal immigrants who blatantly break the law by crossing the border is “cruel & inhumane,” and must be stopped.

Clown show.

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