December 8, 2021

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Images from Obama’s Immigrant Detention Facility the left don’t want you to share

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Photos from Obama’s Immigrant Detention Facility1

Fake outrage from the media and the Democratic Party over Trump’s immigration policy has become the latest fad on social media and it has Rachel Maddow fake crying live on air.

Now you’re going to be shocked to hear this, but they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Obama Administration had plenty of opportunities to stop this.

Calm yourself, there’s more.

The left also didn’t complain about it. Nor did the media act outraged or cry on T.V.  when kids were held in steel cages.

I said calm yourself, I know it’s a shock.

Not only doesn’t the left and the media want you sharing an article like this around, they also don’t want someone like me mentioning the very convenient timing for all this outrage.

Why is that? glad you asked.

Well, it just so happens this all aligns with the bombshell IG report and all the FBI scandals inside of the report that is starting to really kick off.

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To put it plainly, the left and the media need a distraction from the IG report saga, so they fabricated one.

The policy separating these kids from their families while the parents are prosecuted and vetted is nothing new, you know this and they all know this.

Smugglers quite often use illegal immigrant children as a way to get themselves into the United States, so precautions have been in place for a very long time.

Half a million illegal immigrants were prosecuted during Barack Obama’s reign of terror with families being separated left right and center on a temporary basis as well. But there was so much silence from the media and the Democrats you could hear a mouse fart from a mile away.

The Immigrant Detention Facility policy isn’t new and has been around for multiple administrations.

Below are photos taken during the Obama Administration in 2014. These photos were taken at detention centers in Brownsville, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona. The only time you’ll see photos like this from the mainstream media are when they’re using them to spread fake news saying this is Trump’s doing.

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Just remember, you didn’t see anything.

You didn't see anything


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