October 28, 2021

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes never cared about separated families before

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MSNBC's Chris Hayes never cared about separated families before

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who laughably refers to himself as a journalist, has become quite the big talking mouthpiece when it comes to the United States’ current immigration policies.

He’s thrown all sorts of rhetoric out there about the current admin even going as far as referring just about everything they do to the Nazi regime. Yes, he’s one of those extreme leftists.

He bangs on every day about immigrant children that have been brought over to the U.S illegally being separated from their parents and he really plays the part of the caring bleeding heart.

But what many don’t realize, this is new for Mr. Hayes. He never gave a damn before when his beloved Obama was in office. Not one.

In fact, everything Obama did was absolutely brilliant according to Chris Hayes.

Chris Hayes never did and doesn’t to this day mention ANY of the atrocities that happened under the Obama admin. Not one.

If Hayes actually cared about these children being separated from their families you’d think he would have been consistent throughout the years and attacked any and all Admins that had this policy in place.

Newsflash, he didn’t. Never.

Not until Trump.

Now one has to wonder why that is, could it be that Chris Hayes is only using these children’s situation for political gain? I mean he’s a journalist, right? he’s supposed to be fair and balanced right?

It’s the same old story with these extreme leftist “journalists”, ever since Trump took office their bias has been exposed. They have an agenda, that’s to smear the current president and try to get him out of office. Hayes is nothing more than a shill for the left’s agenda.

If you were to search for anything on Chris Hayes hitting out at the Obama Admin for separating children from their parents and placing them in steel cages you would find nothing. Nothing at all.

All you will find is Chris Hayes praising Obama for everything and anything his administration did. Yes even on Obama’s immigration policy. The hypocrisy is rife with this guy.

Chris Hayes wouldn’t dare call his beloved Obama a Nazi, and everything Hayes acts outraged about now, Obama did in the past, and Hayes never said one damn thing about it.


Chris Hayes constantly complains about president Trump on everything and in the same token preach about how Obama did it better. But all it takes is a little research to find out that Hayes is a straight up liar and is hiding the truth about what the Obama admin really did.

Yes, Chris Hayes, I’m calling you a liar, a shill and a poor excuse for a journalist.

You knew what was happening under Barack Obama’s administration and you said NOTHING.

In case your leftist amnesia has kicked in, here’s a reminder:

Cut the crap! Obama separated families and you all know it!

Democrat admits child migrant crisis was kept very quiet under Obama

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And here’s one for your lying colleague:

Rachel Maddow, where were your tears when Obama separated families?


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