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Tom Arnold lied about his encounter with Michael Cohen

Tom Arnold's encounter with Michael Cohen was a lie

Well, this is awkward.

After he posted on Twitter a photo of himself next to Michael Cohen, the President’s longtime personal attorney, with the caption: “I love New York,” Tom Arnold made a cringe-worthy appearance on CNN looking like he just snorted more coke than Scarface.

During the unusual back-and-forth between CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Tom Arnold on Friday evening, Arnold at one point looked into the camera and seemingly addressed Trump directly.

“I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Michael Cohen, and there’s a lot going on,” Arnold said. “So, … you’ve disrespected him and his family and there’s a lot going on.”

However, it seems coked out Tom Arnold is living in his own fantasy world.

Shortly after Arnold’s interview, Cohen denied any plans to spend the weekend with him or discussing Trump.
“Appreciate @TomArnold kind words about me as a great father, husband, and friend. This was a chance, public encounter in the hotel lobby where he asked for a selfie. Not spending the weekend together, did not discuss being on his show nor did we discuss @POTUS. #done #ridiculous,” Cohen tweeted.

This is just another embarrassing situation for the lying left’s #resistance movement as another delusional never Trumper joins the list of the Democrats heroes.

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