Ron Perlman peed on his own hand instead of reporting a rapist!

Ron Perlman peed on his own hand instead of reporting a rapist!

Some days it’s exhausting listening to these hypocritical enabling liberal leftists and today is one of those days.

Anti-Trump liberal D-list actor Ron Perlman, who I always refer to as Will Ferrell’s retarded cousin, is constantly trying to prove he’s a tough guy. Instead, he always comes off as a whiny cry-baby who’s still upset his Hillary didn’t win.

However, today Ron Perlman showed his true colors as he practically admitted he kept silent about Harvey Weinstein and instead just peed on his hand.

Clearly, when he tweeted this out he was big-noting himself and trying to be the tough guy. But not one single person was buying and backlash ensured.

As you can see many, and there’s more, called Perlman out for not saying anything and didn’t believe him for one second.

This is the classic tough talk from liberal Hollywood that only now has started hitting out at Harvey Weinstein. They all sat silent for years while working with him.

Let’s not forget the liberal Lena Dunham said EVERY ONE KNEW.

And let’s not forget this is the same liberal Hollywood that awarded and applauded convicted pedophile Roman Polanski.

Liberal Hollywood is full of disgusting hypocrites that have enabled each other’s filthy behavior for years!
Here’s ANOTHER actor that could have spoken up but didn’t, he literally admits all he did was pee on his own hand.


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