October 28, 2021

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Michael Moore shares ridiculous big plan to stop Trump’s SCOTUS pick

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Michael Moore shares ridiculous big plan to stop Trump's SCOTUS pick

Since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court after serving for 30 years, Liberals have been in major meltdown mode.

The decision puts President Trump in the position to appoint another Supreme Court Justice – his second appointment since being elected. And the outrage among the left has been at an optimal peak.

As news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement, as well as the upcoming appointment of his replacement, have circulated, Democrats and liberal pundits have been frantically discussing ways to stall or stop Trump in a hope to prevent the SCOTUS nomination until after the 2020 elections.

During a discussion with comedian Bill Maher, liberal snowflake and anti-Trumper Michael Moore appeared to be terrified, and urged his fellow leftists to “find ways to stop that vote from happening.”

When Maher asked, Michael Moore didn’t want to elaborate, and instead suggested that he may “join a million other people surrounding the United States Capital.”

Some big plan Michael Moore. I’m sure a bunch of liberal cry-babies standing around in pussy hats is going to stop the SCOTUS vote from happening. Because it’s worked so well for you before.

Good luck with that.


4 thoughts on “Michael Moore shares ridiculous big plan to stop Trump’s SCOTUS pick

  1. Why have a million people marching, just fatass Moore takes up that much room all by himself.

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