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Democratic State Rep Press Secretary Calls For Foreign Invasion To Overthrow Trump

Press secretary for Democratic candidate calls for foreign invasion to overthrow Trump

This is Melissa Garriga, the press secretary for Mississippi Democratic State Rep. Jeramey Anderson, who is running for Congress in the MS-04:

And this is Melissa Garriga tweeting  that  America maybe needs a foreign power to invade to overthrow President Trump:

Not to worry, Thankfully the MS-04 is in Cook Political Report’s solid Republican category so we don’t have to worry about her ever getting to D.C.

Since tweeting out this ridiculous wish, Ms. Garriga has made her Twitter account private which is typical of extreme leftists.

They Tweet out violent rhetoric then hide behind Twitters private wall.

The left hasn’t learned yet that this sort of behavior is only pushing more and more people to #WalkAway

Anderson will run against Republican incumbent Steven Palazzo for that 4th Congressional seat in Washington.