June 23, 2021

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Strzok and Page knew about Anthony Weiner’s sex trafficking link and hid evidence

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According to new information released, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok doctored evidence regarding the Anthony Weiner investigation to hide the fact that Weiner’s laptop (which was under investigation for his sex crimes with a minor) contained classified emails belonging to Hillary Clinton.

So the big question is did Peter Strzok know Anthony Weiner was involved in something far more sinister? Absolutely he did.

It get’s worse, on the same day that a woman was found dead stuffed in a garbage chute in Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s apartment building, more information was revealed.

What has been found is that on the very same day that news broke about Anthony Weiner being investigated alongside Hillary Clinton, Strzok and Page used the secretive insider FBI call signal for child trafficking, “MARKETPLACE.”

A Deep State insider source confirmed to Big League Politics that “MARKETPLACE” is, in fact, the FBI call sign for child trafficking and that it was used in the investigation into Backpage.com, which the federal government eventually shut down, as well as using the term for other trafficking rings.


Journalist Paul Sperry reported: “In an 11/3/16 doc, Strzok created a fake timeline of the Weiner email recovery in order to leave a misleading record for the file, after the fact, for the purpose of CYA & getting everyone in Comey’s inner circle on the same page. (Similar to Rice’s 1/20/17 email to self.)”

FBI agent Peter Strzok manipulated the warrant in secret to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and of course, it was done in order to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

FBI agent Peter Strzok was the main operative in the Operation Crossfire Hurricane plot to “stop”  President Donald Trump. So it comes as no surprise at all that he was assigned to handle the revelation that Anthony Weiner had thousands of Hillary Clinton emails that were classified on his laptop, which were discovered in the course of an NYPD investigation into his sickening sexual interactions with a minor, for which Anthony Weiner is now serving time in prison.

A longtime former FBI Special Surveillance Group member and current whistleblower against Robert Mueller, Chuck Marler,  revealed to BLP exactly how Strzok made sure to protect Hillary Clinton:

“On October 29, 2016 Strzok broke FBI policy and emailed a sealed draft warrant for the Weiner emails to his personal email. Obviously he wanted to work on the draft out of view of the FBI and most likely allow someone else to view it for their input. What did he put in the warrant that was filed the following day?

First, he limited the scope of the review to keywords and only up to two pages of each email. He only wanted to know if the email was listed with a classification, he already knew she had the markings removed before being sent. So he knew classifications wouldn’t appear.

Second, he put in language to allow outside individuals to help the FBI search. Who were the outside individuals?

Third and most importantly, he listed in the warrant what would be use to determined if a crime was committed. As in, if she knowingly transmitted secret emails or if she committed GROSS NEGLIGENCE! How convenient, that’s exactly what he changed in the exoneration draft for Comey. He knew that whatever emails they found on Weiner’s computer, they had already ruled that Clinton didn’t commit Gross Negligence in sending them.”

Chuck  Marler’s explanation is accurate.

Here’s the full Anthony Weiner warrant published by The Washington Post.

Also take a look at this CNN piece which was co-authored by Valerie Jarrett’s own daughter: “Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey’s earlier draft language describing Clinton’s actions as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” the sources said.

Report by Peter Andrews for MilneNews.com sourced from BLP.

4 thoughts on “Strzok and Page knew about Anthony Weiner’s sex trafficking link and hid evidence

  1. Anthony Weiner’s sexting with minors is NOTHING compared to the evidence the NYPD and FBI recovered on his laptop exposing the child sex trafficking crimes of the Podesta’s, the Clinton’s and other high profile dems. If I had been Strzok and Page, Comey and Rosenstein, I would have lied too, knowing that me and my entire family would die if the Clinton’s thought I was going to cave. The FBI is covering up the torture and murder of children to protect Hillary Clinton.

  2. Big Damn Deal. These criminals are above the Law. Nothing will be done to them for their crimes. They deserve a Colombian Necktie.

  3. I know, from the moment it was announced that

    strzok, page, weiner & huma, comey on so on converged all their efforts hidding much/all sex trafficking link and evidence

    this is corrupt criminal collusion

    protecting hillary and trying to criminal & politically frame President

    for all of the democrat lawmakers, obama & hillary

    treasonous crimes

    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

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