4 thoughts on “Strzok and Page knew about Anthony Weiner’s sex trafficking link and hid evidence

  1. Anthony Weiner’s sexting with minors is NOTHING compared to the evidence the NYPD and FBI recovered on his laptop exposing the child sex trafficking crimes of the Podesta’s, the Clinton’s and other high profile dems. If I had been Strzok and Page, Comey and Rosenstein, I would have lied too, knowing that me and my entire family would die if the Clinton’s thought I was going to cave. The FBI is covering up the torture and murder of children to protect Hillary Clinton.

  2. Big Damn Deal. These criminals are above the Law. Nothing will be done to them for their crimes. They deserve a Colombian Necktie.

  3. I know, from the moment it was announced that

    strzok, page, weiner & huma, comey on so on converged all their efforts hidding much/all sex trafficking link and evidence

    this is corrupt criminal collusion

    protecting hillary and trying to criminal & politically frame President

    for all of the democrat lawmakers, obama & hillary

    treasonous crimes

    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

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