May 19, 2022

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Violent Antifa protesting ICE learn the hard way not to mess with Federal police

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Violent Antifa protesting ICE taught a lesson by Federal police

Eight violent Antifa terrorists were arrested Monday morning as they blocked a van from leaving a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Southwest Portland.

According to a spokesman with the DHS, the officers suffered minor injuries.

The radical left-wing protesters were causing trouble at an ICE facility in Portland, Oregon. While they have been removed from the federal property, they are still occupying space next to the facility, off federal property.

One detained protester ran away. Robert Sperling, a Federal Protective Service spokesman, said officers went after that protester but didn’t know whether he or she was among the eight arrested.

The federal agency said the eight people were arrested on allegations including but not limited to failure to comply and obstruction. Federal officers warned the protesters to leave the driveway multiple times, the agency said in a statement.

According to KOIN, The violent Antifa extremists hurled rocks — and vulgar insults — as some tried to block a driveway at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Federal police countered by hurling traditional tools of the trade, namely pepper spray, and pepper balls, to restore order,

Eight radicals got arrested in the melee. It all started over them trying to prevent a vehicle from trying to leave the building because they thought there was an illegal alien in it.

The spokesman said the first person was arrested early on Monday after they broke through the police tape line. That person was told “several times” not to cross the police tape.

Then, according to the spokesman, another person was arrested later in the afternoon for doing the same thing. After that happened, the two officers went inside the Occupy ICE camp located outside the facility. When that happened, a person allegedly assaulted the two officers. That person was arrested and “pepper” was used to disperse a crowd that had gathered around the officers, according to the DHS spokesman.

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