May 21, 2022

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David Hogg claims #WalkAway is ‘Russian Propaganda,’ Founder Brandon Straka responds

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David Hogg Tweet

Brandon Straka the founder of the popular #WalkAway campaign has responded to the allegation made on Twitter by bully activist David Hogg that the whole campaign is just “Russian propaganda.”

“It is understandable that Mr. Hogg would be incapable of comprehending a movement that is born organically from the purity, positivity, and passion of the people – grassroots and free from manipulation, considering the genesis of ‘March For Our Lives,’” Brandon Straka, #WalkAway founder told Big League Politics. 

David Hogg, known for spreading fake news and bullying anyone that doesn’t follow his agenda, has been on a nationwide book tour with his non-profit, “March For Our Lives.”

He tweeted the following Sunday, attaching a fake news CNN article that claimed a similar sentiment:

David Hogg Tweet

“David Hogg has, once more, waged an attack on the truth, and waged an attack on the validity of the voices of real Americans as they honestly and bravely tell their stories,” Straka said. “Mr. Hogg has again become a puppet parroting the crackpot narratives of his handlers at CNN.”

Hogg is currently on a 60-day bus tour that will travel through 20 states and make 75 stops. He has been pictured traveling with armed bodyguards on the tour.

David Hogg has not responded to the false accusations he has made.

5 thoughts on “David Hogg claims #WalkAway is ‘Russian Propaganda,’ Founder Brandon Straka responds

  1. Hogg boy needs to shut his mouth and pump some iron, he looks like a stick figure cartoon. I guess that’s the physique you get when you spend your life playing video games in mom’s basement.

  2. lol david hogg ‘claims’…….like that means anything. the little wannabe be hitler is a total doofus. why would anyone with a level of intelligence over 5 years of age care what the little wannabe hitler thinks. of course I understand that level of intelligence is far beyond most liberals reach so naturally they will listen to him.

  3. Hogg is a BORN Democrat! It all comes SO naturally to him. The shrill hysterics…the lying…the hatred…the hubris…

    I think he’ll parlay this Parkland tragedy (which didn’t even TOUCH him) into a career…

  4. I was raised in a Democrat household, upon reaching an age of common sense, I walked away and observing the non-truths that I personally know about, I’m glad I walked away. The level of vitriol, hatred, emboldened lies I’ve heard from the democrats make me ashamed I was ever a card carrying Democrat. Now with the left’s switch to non-existent “democratic” socialism, I’m appalled at the lie they are trying to sell our youth.

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