September 19, 2021

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Sorry liberals the Trump-Cohen tapes are a big nothing burger

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Sorry liberals the Trump-Cohen tapes are a big nothing burger

#TrumpTapes – CNN today released some audio of President Donald Trump talking with Michael Cohen, his personal attorney. Michael Cohen apparently recorded Trump conversations to use for himself if something ever happened, or maybe because he was actually an anti-Trump operative for a significant period of time.

It’s reported that Michael Cohen was ostensibly Donald Trump’s fixer for certain things, like arranging a payment for porn star Stormy Daniels, who constantly threatened to come forward with allegations of an affair. However, Michael Cohen was secretly taping Trump during this period — and President Trump and his lawyer aren’t worried one bit about it.

The good news for President Trump is that Michael Cohen has absolutely nothing of substance. Listen to the #TrumpTapes here:

The left is, as usual, taking everything said completely out of context. In the tapes, Trump asks if he should pay by cash, to which Cohen replies no no no. This is simply a client asking his lawyer a question. No laws were broken, at all.

Then the tape conveniently ends just as Trump is about to ask “by check.”

It’s a big nothing burger hyped up to be something it’s not.

The conversation implicates President Trump in nothing and has no evidence whatsoever that Trump did anything illegal or even improper.

Here is Hannity also making clear that the Trump-Cohen tape is a “big dud” regarding the conversation, which implicates Trump in nothing and has no evidence whatsoever that Trump did anything illegal or even improper.

Here’s Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani assuring the public that Cohen will be disbarred for the leak of this time:

Twitter users voiced their opinion about the #TrumpTapes:

4 thoughts on “Sorry liberals the Trump-Cohen tapes are a big nothing burger

  1. I’m sorry…what is it again that’s illegal here? It’s illegal to have an affair? To be blackmailed? LOL! He wasn’t even POTUS (not that it would have mattered anyhow)! Sheesh…Bill Clinton would have been in prison for life! Well…IF he weren’t a Democrat, that is…

    Keep at it, Dems…maybe you’ll get something on Trump by the end of his second term…

  2. I’ll bet the MSM reacts differently when the Feds raid Perkins Cole, and takes all their attorney client documentation, and all of a sudden attorney client privilege will suddenly become sacrosanct.

    Regarding Cohen’s tapes, I expect the MSM will continue to make up stuff about it and, like they’ve been doing all along, write negative stories about Trump based on either anonymous sources (they won’t reveal even after the source has been proven to be lying to them which tells you they want more lies to publish as “truth”) or just made up. There’s no evidence of any Trump Russia collusion, and there’s no good evidence the Russians are responsible for the DNC or Podesta email leaks (which in my opinion just increased the transparency of Democrat dirty tricks and cheating which was a service to voters).

  3. Not going to lie, haven’t been keeping up with this. Mostly because it seems really boring and politically irrelevant. Like tabloid stuff. I don’t get what the left hopes to accomplish. It seems like they were just looking for something to petulantly balk their heads, jerk their knees and shriek hysterically about in the media. Is there a crime here that Trump is actually even POTENTIALLY guilty of?

    I find it highly unlikely that monogamy was even a part of their marriage contract. For people of stature and status, it’s usually not. Their marriages tend to be more of a formality, a contract in which both parties benefit. The queen gets to live in the castle, gets children of affluent lineage and radically increased opportunity for them and her. The king gets to diddle the help as he pleases. It’s an evolutionary norm for alpha males to have an alpha female and then X number of beta females in his ‘pack’. It’s just nature. Men seek stature and status for the purpose of attracting women, women seek men of stature and status for the good genes and best chances of success with their offspring.

    Take a look at Bill, Hillary and Monica. Actual criminal behavior, rape etc. of the Clinton family notwithstanding, do you see Monica or Hillary being outraged by their situation? Nope. Because the situation is the same. Hillary was there for the status. Bill was diddling the help. In the oval office. Under the desk. Trump just has more class and better taste.

    So what’s the left out to prove here with their Trump derangement syndrome? Other than the fact that Trump is every bit the alpha male that his supporters have been saying he is all along?

  4. I had corollary data that this was a giant nothing burger. When I saw that it was on CNN, I knew it was an imaginary big mac slathered in liberal cheese.

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