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Unhinged Democrat Official Resigns After Calling Combat Veteran A Traitor

Unhinged Democrat Official Resigns After Calling Combat Veteran A Traitor

An elected official in Palm Beach County resigned following some controversial posts she made on Facebook targeting an Army veteran.

“On July 16, 2018, a local elected official from the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation Board of Supervisors viciously attacked a US military veteran using derogatory, divisive, and unprofessional language on social media; that elected official is Vice Chair Patricia “Pat” Edmondson,” wrote Michael Barnett, Chairman Republican Party of Palm Beach County on Facebook. “Such behavior by a public official cannot be tolerated.”

Edmonson’s uncalled for comments were directed towards combat veteran James Plowman.

“I don’t bother with traitors,” she wrote in one comment. “Do your dead brothers ever visit you in your dreams and ask you why you’ve turned your back on them? Does it wake you up with your heart pounding? Are you disoriented? Do you smell the rotting flesh of those you’ve betrayed? You’re a traitor. Live with it.”

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This is a new low for Democrats who barely show any respect for the fine people who serve in the military.

Another post from Edmonson disrespectfully suggested that combat veteran James Plowman has an “untreated traumatic brain injury.”


According to Biz Pac Review, Democrat official Pat Edmonson is listed as a Board Member of the West Palm Beach Democratic Club and was a volunteer leader in the Palm Beach County “Hillary for America” campaign.

Barnett posted a screenshot showing all of Edmonson’s vile comments

“Differences in political opinion should be discussed with more diplomacy and mutual respect than Ms. Edmondson displayed towards Mr. James Plowman, a military veteran,” he wrote. No one, whether a veteran or a private citizen, should ever be treated so contemptuously by an elected official.”

Barnett called for local Democrats to disavow Edmonson.

“In addition, Ms. Edmonson should apologize to all veterans who have faithfully served this country – the men and women who sacrificed so much deserve better.”