May 6, 2021

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VIDEO: 18-year-old abused at gym by liberal for wearing MAGA hat

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VIDEO:18-year-old abused at gym by liberal for wearing MAGA hat

The tolerant left is at it again.

18-year-old Dylan Wojik was wearing his Make America Great Again hat while he was working out at the YMCA gym in Red Wing, Minnesota when a man named Steve began to cuss and scream at Dylan claiming his MAGA hat is an “endorsement for concentration camps.”


14 thoughts on “VIDEO: 18-year-old abused at gym by liberal for wearing MAGA hat

  1. I would have whapped that dumb bell upside the head bone with a dumb bell. It’s time to tell the idiot class to stfu.
    I’m done with it.

  2. Well, good for the YMCA for defending the kid. The snowflake was wearing an asshat.

  3. If some jackass gives you a hassle for something like which hat you’re wearing…call the cops. Let him or her explain the harassment to them.

  4. I’m sure the snowflake would have been right at home had the victim of his ire been wearing a rainbow cap.

  5. 15% of liberals are on some kind of medication for mental issues. The scary part is, that means 75% are running around unmedicated.

  6. The best part was he was bench pressing just the bar 😉 , and probably had forgotten his meds that day.

    Common sense prevailed, he was banned permanently.

  7. I think these libs should read the definition of what a fascist is. They appear to not know. Ediot

  8. One of these dummies is going to pick the wrong guy and gonna end up with lead poisoning.

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