September 23, 2021

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CNN Caught Using An Anti-Trump Socialist Pretending To Be A Trump Supporter

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CNN Caught Using an Anti-Trump Socialist Pretending to be a Trump Supporter

CNN has been caught out so many times faking news to further their narratives. Don Lemon pushed a black hole conspiracy theory, CNN reporters were caught pretending to be in two different places when they were standing next to each other, then there’s the countless retracted stories, Russia Russia Russia and let’s not forget them telling people that reading Wikileaks is illegal amongst the many other occurrences.

It’s clearly true that CNN is very fake news like President Trump says.

But now there’s yet another BS story by the mainstream news outlet.  

A California man named Jeremy Montanez, who portrayed himself to be a former Trump supporter and voter on a panel for CNN recently, just may not be exactly the man he says he is according to people who know him.

In the video below, The Red Elephants provide you with evidence that suggests just this, take a look and you decide for yourself…

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