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Peter Strzok will have to wait for that CNN job as he’s currently under investigation

Peter Strzok will have to wait for that CNN job as he's under investigation

As everyone knows, being a Trump hater these days get’s you a job on CNN. Especially if you have been fired from under the Trump admin.

On Monday Peter Strzok’s attorney announced his client was dismissed from the FBI late Friday. 

However, Strzok, as well as others at the FBI, aren’t off the hook just yet and that CNN job that is surely going to be offered to the Strzok will have to wait.

It seems the mainstream media have forgotten or simply just not mentioning that US Attorney General Sessions announced that John Huber, Utah’s top federal prosecutor, had begun investigating misconduct accusations against the agency.

To put it simply, Peter Strzok is still under investigation by Inspector General and US Attorney John W. Huber.

As radio and T.V host put it, He may want to lay low for a while.